Saturday, October 1, 2016


Saturday afternoon stroll around neighbourhood. The weather was a bit moody when I came out but later cleared up with appearance of sun! Found a tree stump by a street where wild flowers are growing around it and I thought wow it looks so cute lol. If I was a tiny tiny human I will take a lot of selfies on that stump XD

Came home to a little parcel from TheFloralFoxArt. I ordered notebook for no particular reason, just fell in love with the print. I feel like it's too pretty to write on anyway ahah.

Ever since buying my frogs' mushroom ornaments for their tank, I've been more and more into them lately. I thought I'd be a mushroom for halloween too but idk too much effort lmao. I love halloween but I can't be arsed to go all out for it. I'd rather wear a kigu and get it over with.

Speaking of halloween, Inktober has officially started. I might participate though again, not religiously. Can't be bothered. Not when I'm making such a big deal of waking up 6am on weekdays and chasing 8hrs sleep at night. Haha.

Anyways, thank you for reading my random ramblings.

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Autumn Breeze


My wardrobe is under going a transition and while I want to document every single outfit, I’m always in a hurry and forget to take photos! I can’t wait till I’m more settled with my new working hours and use my time in the afternoon wisely for blogging more.

I get most of my stuff from Depop and Yesstyle recently. There are many great deals and cheap stuff there that’s really helped me a lot visualise how I want to proceed with the idea I have in mind.

I honestly thought there will never be a time where I would buy from Birkenstock lol but here I am.

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Detachable Sailor Collar

Very much in love with my recent purchase from The Naked Lace Co. It’s a detachable sailor collar that I had slightly modified from her original designs to fit daily wear ^-^

It was some months ago (or maybe a year ago, I cannot recall anymore) that I saw Warukatta’s ig post from her trip to Japan and she was wearing this cute sailor top. I dropped a comment asking where she got it from (wasn’t really expecting any response given how famous she is nau) but she actually replied back! She said it was a detachable sailor collar from WEGO. That’s amazing! One of my claim to fame experiences haha. Anyway let’s not get sidetracked XD

From then on I’ve been trying to find something similar but failed. I actually found The Naked Lace Co’s page already but I don’t think I was employed back then and messaged if I could instead promote her stuff on here and IG (whaahaha). I got no response so I was too embarrassed lmao!!
But now I have it and I’m so satisfied and happy ^____^ This detachable collar goes really well with lots of my wardrobe pieces! It goes well high neck or turtle necks, non-collared dresses and so much more~ On my next pay day I’m definitely getting a another one in white for my black pieces.

Only thing to consider is how to make them stay put. As they move quite a lot and you have to adjust them here and there but other than that I’m really happy I got this!

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

New Chapter Begins

Hello, I think I’m happy and motivated enough to blog here again. I have some identity crisis going on that just makes me run and hide away from all the things I love to do. It’s just mainly LIFE happening or adulting on the most part.

I always pride myself being adaptable but I guess I’m not as resilient as I think I am. When things don’t go the way I want them to I frustrate, refuse to function, sulk, then blame people how miserable I’ve become. I’m still under this cycle but I acknowledge it now and becoming aware is always the first step to change for the better ahah.

In any case, let us not dwell on negativity! Tons of stuff happened while I was gone. I blogged on Medium for a bit! I really love the app. I can blog straight from my iPhone which is very on the go. However I ceased updating it because life just got more intense. Haha.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • ♡ I got two bearded dragons (bday present for myself)
  • ♡ Passed my six months probation at work! Yay £50 pay increase lmao
  • ♡ I got two frogs (Keroppi and Keroro); they died after almost a month with me :(
  • ♡ I got my nose pierced
  • ♡ I got my first tattoo!
  • ♡ I got two frogs again (Momo and Koppi) still alive as we speak!
  • ♡ Bleached my hair to blonde
  • ♡ Applied for an internal position at work and got accepted

So that’s basically it. Haha.

Style wise, I think I’m ready to move on from just wearing black and tone down to wear muted and earth tones. I just don’t have the dedication and time anymore. So instead of everything revolving around my style, my style now revolves on my daily life/routine- which is work and pets. I also think fall is the perfect time for the transition along with starting my new role in my job.

If my positive outlooks become consistent, I might post here again often so hopefully that will be the case.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Hanami | 桜

🌸🌳🌸One of my dreams has always been to witness cherry blossom trees blooming in all it’s glory! It partially came true when I went last Wednesday to Regent’s Park and went on a little stroll by myself ^_^ I honestly thought I won’t be able to make it as I was ill for a week or two and have gotten very lazy going out. But I’m glad I went out of my way and forced myself to central London only for this.

The trees are no longer in complete bloom, rather, they are now starting to wither. I will try again next year. Hopefully that time, I’m with friends, and we’re all going to have a picnic underneath the trees! Cause I feel like it’s the proper way to celebrate it. Haha.

For now have some selfies. I took a lot just because.

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sweet Spring。✧♡

Distracting myself from real life struggles and priorities, I decided that window shopping is the way to go lol. I’ve been really struggling looking for clothes that I really really like and it’s been a while since a piece of garment within my reach and budget has made me sleepless and brought out the desperate shopper in me. And you know how it is with clothes, you can never really have enough until you finally found your a timeless pieces (which is highly subjective, any brand and line may claim their clothes are timeless but it doesn’t mean they really are lol).

Anyway, yeah I decided to ask myself, what do I really want to wear? Living in the city, I do have all the high street brands at my disposal but why am I not thrilled to do anymore ootds or outfit posts? What type of clothing will bring back my love for dressing up like I used to? So what do I do, head on to Instagram and check which users makes me happy to see their ootd’s and clothing pieces.

Ultimately, I’ve narrowed it down to @nyeong.e’s which made my life so easier as she actually has her own shop and models the clothes herself (and her boyfriend). The prices are not too bad as well when converted to £.

Here’s the selection of clothes that really caught my attention and would definitely wear (if the fit and look are faithful to pictures!).

These pieces reminds of Yohji, Comme Des Garcons, Casey Casey, Muku, Muji, to name a few.

Good thing about Nyeong-Closet is that they do ship worldwide. I’m still in the process of contacting them how as I’m having difficulty signing up to their website. I’ll give an update! If everything fails, might use for their services.

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