Saturday, November 3, 2012

Japan Expo 2012 Belgium

[IMG HEAVY]I remember that I haven't made a dedicated post for the Japan Expo which took place at Tour Et Taxis here in Bruxelles last Nov 2,3&4.
I already posted the photos on FB so if you're my contact there this must be nothing new to you :e17: Eh, I hate to post photos on FB but the excitement got the best of me :float:

Although I came alone, I never felt really out of place and brushed off. Very friendly atmosphere and I can really breathe the nerdness and passion of the people there. I forgot the outside world but the best thing is, this is reality.. And I'm lucky to have experienced it. As an asian who never got out of Philippines, this is so much blessing :e33: (Click the photos to view it bigger!)

I think there were 3 big halls dedicated only to booths and stands, and massive choices for different things Japanese related, some expensive, some are a great steal and good deal. You have to take your time exploring each shop because you don't want to miss the 'hidden treasure' (cheap items that are too good to be true but exist anyway!) :harrothere: Along the way you will bump into really awesome cosplayers, Lolitas, and individuals w/ great style! :meowrr:

Super photo spam!!! Sorry I couldn't choose fewer anymore, I really enjoyed the event! Till next time cutieeees :ahihi:


  1. love aaall the pics <3
    glad you had such a fun time on your own!
    lol by events like this, i just need to take someone with me haha! * ^*

  2. Nice photos and cosplays! ^^ I need to go to a con soon, I'm starting to missing all this funny and relaxing air :3