Saturday, November 2, 2013

★OS Spacewitch Earrings

A happy new addition to my OS collection.. My first statement earrings! More witchy items please! With all the black I've been wearing, I'd be mistaken for a shadow anytime. So when it comes to accessories I tend to go for white or silver, except for watches and bracelets, I think I'd still stick to black.

I've always loved Halloween because you know, you can get away with anything you wear.. But since I made black an everyday code, strangers all think that I still have the halloween party hang over and trigger them to make fun of me more. lol.
I guess it can't be helped.
Maybe on Christmas I'd still be in black~

PS: I'm trying to grow out my bangs for the first time in my entire life, and the awkward length I have now is unbearable, it's tacky, unpractical, I couldn't see properly and oh gosh.. IT.IS.KILLING.ME.
So what I did, I went to buy cheap clip on bangs and just hide my real bangs. Et voila! It worked like magic and I feel genius!!
HAHA best investment ever (LOL)
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  1. So cute! Love the earrings!
    Haha I know that feeling about people thinking you still have "halloween party hangover", but I like to think of it as a compliment!
    Good luck growing your bangs out!!

  2. I LOVE HALLOWEEN! I can always walk home sporting a beard i drew with an eyeliner & no one gave a fuck. :D <3

  3. HAHAHA! make sure to use finishing powder so it won't smudge!! XD
    miss ya!!

  4. ahhh its good u like compliments like that..
    It seems im growing old and im irritated by simple comments from strangers..

    yes, thank you! i'll do my best ^3^
    How was your Halloween? :D

  5. you're so pretty!

    black suits you!!

  6. Tuwing nagpopost ka hindi ko mapigilang mainlove. Your style... aaaah. I love it so much. Yapo, take responsibility. JK. I just ordered a few stuff from OS. Omg I can't wait.

  7. Welcome back, Yapo! Yay! OS is the best ever! huhu Bought something from them too and I can't wait! .....and don't mind them pplz, you are FABULOUS! <3

  8. Yay your blog's back!

    Black's the best color (or lack of). It's stylish, slimming, simple, etc. Love it! On Halloween, however, I made it a point to go colorful just because it's kind of opposite day for me haha!

    Still...'tis the season to hoard dark stuff.

  9. Wb guuurL <3 so cute and huge, suits you <3

  10. ugh so perfect <3
    i wonder what the costs are , since OS is super expensive? x__x

  11. Waaa Kelly, thank you dear!
    Im so happy you dropped by~

  12. CHOS!!!! haha
    what did you order? :D :D
    Did you avail their sale? hehe (kaya ako nakabili gawa nun sale)

  13. Thank you dearieeee huhu namiss ko magblog infairness XD
    Fangs cap would look so good on you i can hardly wait too!! <3 XX

  14. yes! Hopefully I can blog more consistently from now on ^_^

    hahaha gusto ko din sana magcolorful pero i realized my old clothes were donated na pala hahahah puro black nalang talaga :/
    anyway, black ban din ako ngayon since napagiinitan na ko ng relatives whenever they see me in black
    (im inviting bad entities daw, and bad energy inside the house)

  15. thx powhz ^_^ i feel happy i have it altho i cant wear it on everyday basis kasi mabigat lol

  16. I agree, before every purchase is a massive saving up to be done hahah!
    Anyway as far as i know their stuff is free shipping worldwide (no minimum purchase required ^_^)

  17. Had a nice Halloween, went to watch some hardcore bands! Hope yours was good too! ^_^

  18. Meron akong ribcage and crucifixion na padating. YES! Syempre! Making super ipon for more. Lol. Gusto ko din ng cap.