Monday, December 2, 2013


Hi~ Here are some new accessories I have. They're fake Chrome Hearts but I'm very pleased with their quality. Would be amazing if these were legit but come on, I'm not even sure if it'll stuck with my current style so these should do.

Idk why I came to fancy Chrome Hearts, though. I think it's because of my 'net idols' on Instagram. Do you like Chrome Hearts? Where did you hear about this brand? (Im really new with this name~!)

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  1. Pretty rings! I like Chrome Hearts jewelry for piercings ever since I found them through Kozue Akimoto! They're popular with internet famous Chinese though~

  2. I heard C.H is really expensive! @_@ I bought a similar ring 2 weeks ago too! It's from H&M though hahahaha so my money's safe lol

  3. i know chrome hearts because taeyang wears a lot of chrome hearts accessories specially on his "solar" album

  4. wow wow where did you bought this replica ones? im trying to find this stuff but havent seen any replica lol they look legit xD