Thursday, December 26, 2013

Septum Candies

Favorites: Septum clickers
Here is my Septum Piercing Wishlist (I recently lost all my septum rings except the one I'm wearing now)~

While I have several happy&exciting moments this 2013, getting my septum piercing is easily one of the most magical thing happened to me, it is like when young Bilbo Baggins on an adventure with Gandalf, Thorin and co.
Before that I was nothing unexpected (respectable even)..
Scared of needles and thought unusual piercings was for delinquents. (⊙_☉)

However, life has it ways of showing you things. One day you hate it, next thing you know you're obsessed with it..
Like right now.
I recently got aware of septum clickers through Instagram.. I was checking the #septumpiercing tag and saw some ppl rocking clickers, I thought there was only the traditional captive and barbel rings available for septums, so imagine my excitement when I knew about this └(★o★)┐
The prices are way crazy too! The ones with stones and jewels on them cost around $200-$600 which is so out of my league. Maybe I'll try to find a sponsor next year or at least a collab lol idk. I really want to get my hands on these, so we'll see!

Link to the photos: Flaming BonesBVLA

Update 12 28 13 

I found an Etsy shop that sells septum rings for an affordable price. They
also have 5STAR feedback! Since they're based in the UK,
I bought 2 septum rings to make the wait all worth it.They
look flashy in photos but I think they're just perfect!I can't wait lol~
$44 ain't bad I think.. If you want the link you can always send me
a message or somethin ^_^ Thanks @lavander_magnolia from IG
It was through her I discovered the shop.  

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  1. I want one so bad too, but the prices are cray-cray!

  2. I knowww, the stones used are real, that's why~ but buying one would so mean that you'd be wearing septum piercing till you get old haha

  3. verryy cool, i'd bet you rock them all hehe ~

  4. i would! I'd rock them so HARD haha!

  5. I've never seen anyone with a septum piercing like that before, I only ever see captives (I have a dislike for captives since they're so hard to take out/put back in lol). It'd be really cool if you could get one! (ミ´ω`ミ)

  6. omg so cool *-* can you pass me the link pls? <3 thank you!

  7. I agree~I love my captive tho cuz it's the only one i have T.T lol
    I can hardly wait about these new ones.. Been so focused on black wardrobe that I forgot I to step up my septum accessories too!