Thursday, December 12, 2013

Starbucks Planner 2014 In Noir

When I think about it, it's kinda sad that I have to relay my ability to get shit done with planners since I am a lazy-to-the-bone type of person..
I'm so lazy it is fuckin depressing that I can foresee myself in poverty 10-20 yrs from now if I dont do something about this attitude.

So ofc I'm eager to do something about it. This is why I pride myself when it comes to planners. If I wrote something down to my planner then that means it WILL be done. Because if I take it for granted and not do it then who am I kidding/cheating?!?!
Myself!!! SIGH~ ...if I'm that kind of person then I think there's no remedy to my laziness and I should just give up LOL..

Might as well name my planner ''The Ring''
( own, my preciou$$$$)

I may not be as faithful writing down my schedule to dear planner, but if we're talking about goals and things that need to be done, then I trust The Ring to help me and guide me to be a better Yapo.

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  1. the cover of the planner looks cute. Although I miss the leather bound planner that Starbucks released back in the day. Good luck with your plans for next year! really looking forward to hear more from you. xx :D

  2. I really like that planner. To be honest, I need one myself to help remind me to get things done. I'm sure The Ring will help guide you to the right path during 2014! However, you're already awesome. You'll just become an even more awesome Yapo, lol.

  3. this planner looks really good ♥ I love stationary and I am just like you! when I write something into my planner I (usually...:D) do it ♥

  4. I miss the bamboo cover, although not very flexible with weather (they effin bend to an awkward curve!) but the texture is something i really dig.

    Thank you, my 2013 is amazing in terms of productiveness, tbh its not much but obvious progress with my life (and maturity) is undeniable. hehe. I'll do better this 2014.

  5. I remember that one time I wrote down that i'll get septum piercing, after some months i forgot about it until the days drew near and it caught me in panic.. I have semi-changed my mind getting a piercing that time.. However I have no choice since it's been already scheduled on my planner.

    It was a trembling moment when I walked-in to the tattoo shop. I was 'fuck this lets get this over with' so i got my septum pierced, and finally ticked off septum piercing in planner.

    lol ;A;

  6. Goodluck to us! Do you already have a planner for next year? I'm curious as to what planners other ppl use XD

  7. That planner is so cool, I had no idea that Starbucks sold planners (LOL). I'm the opposite of you, super good at filling out a whole planner but then I'm likely to forget to use it at all and nothing will get done haha (^~^).

  8. Cool planner! I am so Starbucks-addicted - I'd love to have this planner too >w<