Monday, February 3, 2014

Ψ Dion Lee Ψ

Can we just pause and take a moment to bask at the perfection and genius that is Mr. Dion Lee?
I love how futuristic yet wearable his designs are!! I think these are clothes that give you power and superiority. Gareth Pugh's works also give me that vibe. It is a mystery to me but sometimes, garments have an aura of their own.

What you see are my favorites. Very few, but that's because I still have to do more research. What brought me to his works is that lately I've been looking for sleeveless turtlenecks or halter tops necessarily black or white, that exposes my hard-earned bony shoulders lol.
I'm thinking of making a uniform-look.. Much like how Rick Owens sort of wear a one signature outfit for the rest of the season.

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  1. I'd never heard of sleeveless turtlenecks before. They're really cool looking!!

  2. I don't know how to properly call that kind of style so i did more research and it has rather different names (?) lol~
    some call it surfneck sleeveless..
    or sleeveless ribbed crewneck collar..

    im looking for something like in the 4th photo ^_^
    or like this:

  3. WOW! Awesome construction! I especially loved the black vest and the dress! So cool! (*‿*✿)

  4. The back of the B&W one looks amazing!