Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pink Zebra Beauty

What started to be a fascination last month lead now to actual owning a Tarantula. If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you might remember my 1st pet Bambi (Chihuahua)that was 2011. Unfortunately we lost her at very young stage and I can still remember everything as if it was yesterday. I do still dream of her sometimes and I wonder where is she now... Okay, after some years, I think I'm ready to commit into having another pet again, but this time instead of a dog, I got a Tarantula. The specie I chose is a E. campestratus or a Pink Zebra Beauty, which I've read is a good starter T.

It's still a wee baby and I'm really a beginner, so this is a challenge how to keep it alive. While she is too young to be sexed I'll call her Vradica for the mean time.

To be honest I was quite surprised how popular tarantulas are as pets here in Philippines. Turns out they are actually very low maintenance pets and is perfect if you really cannot commit to tending needs everyday. Mine will probably eat only thrice a week and as it grows bigger it'll even fast for months. However there are still conditions to be met if you want them to last you for a long long time. I read that females can live up to 30years! WTF!

Also getting to know them opened my eyes that they are not S C A R Y unlike what the majority of media tells us (The Mist, anyone?). Of course it still depends on the specie, mine is very timid though and is quite popular being very docile.
Since I'm still a newbie I still have a lot to learn. And if you know something about taking care of them please don't hesitate to educate me~

Thanks for reading! Ja~ne!

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  1. Ahhh, I'm so scared of spiders!
    But I hope you enjoy your new baby :)


  2. omg that is so awesome!! i'm scared to death to spiders in general, but i think spiders this big after taking care of it can be cute i guess? hehe. This totally fits your image in being badass even more!! xDD i wonder can you also carry it on your hand etc? and doesn't it bite or something? o__x

  3. tarantulas are cool pets, but i can't have one because i have cats and our place is not that suitable for them. as soon as i can move out in the future, i'd get one for sure.

  4. I'm sure you two will have a great life together! Do you have to feed him/her food like mice or crickets? Admittedly I'm not a huge spider fan because they like to hide in my wardrobe/bedding and leave me with bites all over ;_;). Hopefully Vradica doesn't bite people (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

  5. yesterday i had to feed her a superworm! (beetle larva)
    she eats very slowwww that today she's still holding on to the cadaver.. Maybe the superworm is too big? idk..

    I am actually very scared of spiders myself but I dont want to be slavic to that fear anymore.

  6. ahaha i didnt know spiders and cats dont get along at all O.o i am also not good with cats (or those i met w/c are super moody =.=)

  7. She def have fangs!! but this particular specie of tarantula is known to be calm and lazy moving, so yes, she can be handled and pet.. Although they are still spiders so it is best to be cautious!

    lol! idk about being badass but tarantulas actually dont require much effort and attention and that is what made me decide to keep them

  8. I am scared of spiders too, Sami!!! i hope vradica can help me change it XD thank you!!!

  9. wow, you're so brave. I have always had a big phobia of spiders >.<

    恵美より ♥