Monday, February 10, 2014

TribuLondon Septum Rings

After a more that a month of waiting (it seemed forever to me!), I was able to finally get my hands on new septum adornments from Tribu London. This also marks my first purchase on ETSY. Although the shipping was painfully slow, I'm just too happy because I really really LOVE how they looked!

My worry is that is that the ring might be hard to handle. Since I often hide my piercing w/ a retainer (when at home or formal meets), I need something that I can put on and take out on the go. These didn't disappoint at all. The metal is malleable and v easy to manage. I only need to be careful with losing the shape~
Only thing I kind of got 'mehh' is I was expecting the fit to be more snug and tight. I don't know if it's the position of my piercing? maybe I should get mine re-pierced? Anyway, I'm saving that for another post!

I guess ppl and friends will have to adjust again with me wearing a slightly more fab jewelry on my nose lol.
I've only worn one of the designs, that's because it started to get darker when I was taking selcas lol. I'll def post again wearing the other design! And if you'd like to see the photos clearly don't hesitate to click for a bigger resolution. And do visit TribuLondon if you're interested with charming septum rings for very affordable price.

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  1. these designs makes me want to have my septum pierced as well. i'm worried that i might not be able to pull it off though.

  2. It looks really pretty on you, I think you could pull off any ring design though!

    Thank you for sharing the store too, I might buy some of their tunnels for stretched ears :D


  3. woah how much did they cost you? * ^* and omg you're srsly one of the few persons i know who can rock septums this fancy! just amazing as always ~

  4. Hi Yaptus! Been a follower of yours for some time now. Whatever style you choose, it always ends up suiting you so beautifully. The septum rings look gorgeous.