Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pink Zebra Beauty Molting update

Vradica, my Pink Zebra Beauty molted last 2 weeks ago.. Here is a timelapse video of the process. I consider myself quite lucky cuz some Tarantula molts when nobody's watching haha. Also she didn't eat her exuvia that I can keep for sentimental value purposes. Haha!

Pictures above(click for bigger resolution): Vradica right after molting, Vradica's exuvia (old skin), and her new color. She's so pretty sporting more vibrant pink hairs. And her fierce appetite is back, also she basks in the open more and more in contrast to her daily hiding and keeping to herself.

Overall, im only starting to study her personality. It is said that she's calm and docile but not today, she isn't. I tried to handle her so I used a brush to gently poke her but she def attacked the brush and got defensive. lol
I tried again in the afternoon but she just got more fiercer~

I'll try another day.
If you want to see more frequent update about Vradica you can follow her on instagram by @babyvradica

Im thinking of getting a new T. I'm going positive for a Grammostola Pulchra but I have yet to find a reliable seller and breeder.
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  1. eeek i hope she won't attack you when you try again Ox

  2. I'm equally scared and fascinated when it comes to spiders. xD
    But you're so lucky to have a tarantula! She's really really pretty. And I enjoyed watching the video of her molting a lot. It's so bewichting somehow, haha. I was lucky enough to watch my boa molting once. Isn't it cool when they do it right in front of you? xD
    I hope things will get better with the handling, though. Don't give up, sometimes you just have to be a little patient.

  3. She's so adorable! I WANT ONE TOOOOOOO

  4. Tarantulas are famous as pets all around the world, if you want one, im confident there are active hobbyists on your country that will be happy to give you tips on what to get as a starter tarantula pet ^_^ good luck!!!

  5. she's very low maintenance and don't cause me inconvinience at all. I actually wish I can leave her be when I'm around. I make an annoying husband for her T.T
    Ah,, thank you for taking your time watching her molting video!!

    Omg you have a boa ~.~ I am very curious of them right now, as well as other exotic pets! (the hobby is kinda addicting and educational!)

    Do you handle your boa? what is her/his name!

    I am very scared of spiders myself but so far tarantulas prove to be manageable and equally scared of us as well (i read that to them we are predators rather than prey, that is comforting to know. lol)

  6. only time will tell... i try to handle her after eating in high hopes she's in mood but so far no luck hahahah

  7. oh my god i'm extremely scared of spiders but seriously, yours is such a beauty and pretty in pink! i enjoyed the video of her molting very much, so much fascination. Haha! Maybe someday, if i become brave enough, i'll get me one too! x

  8. Hah, the name of my boa is "Schlange". That's the German word for snake lol. I wasn't very creative choosing a name for her. xD
    And yes, I handle her once in a while. When she was younger I handled her a lot, so that she gets used to it. Nowadays I don't do it that often anymore 'cause she doesn't like it too much (though she's very calm and relaxed). I just don't want to bother her too much. ._. lol