Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Black Canvas Bag From ROSE WHOLESALE

I've always been a fan of canvas shoulder bags because they are minimalistic, easy to carry around and hassle free. But I really can't rely on them when I have shoots, go to gym, travel or when I have to carry extra stuff and go shopping, this is where this backpack from RoseWholesale comes in.. It's very basic, it's black and it gets the job done.
Can fit all the clothes I need to bring, pair of shoes perhaps, my giant-ass hair curler and whole make-up pouch and possibly a lot more. Needless to say I think I found a friend in a form of a bag! And I do feel younger too hehe, mostly because backpacks are commonly used by high schoolers here~

Rosewholesale is an online shop from Sweden that has a lot of trendy clothing, shoes, and accessories. If you enjoy browsing Taobao but you're from Eu, I highly recommend you visit their shop and you'll def find something that fits your style! I had a smooth transaction with them and the communication service is also good!!

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