Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Grima The Black Moor

Aside from Tarantulas, I am now also keeping a little black moor.
The telescope eyes are very charming and he's so noir I just fell inlove.
I want to put him on a 10gal aquarium but then I will have to move out.
Right now he's in a big bowl and I change his water 5x/day. I am being cruel not to give him space that is necessary for him to grow into but there is currently nothing I can do..

Fish hobbyists will kill me if they knew lol. GOMEN!!!

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  1. He's cute. :) However, I still hope he'll get a little more space soon. xD

  2. What a beautiful fish! and ahh can't you buy a bigger bowl/aquarium? ._. not a ten gallon kind, but at least somehow bigger xD