Sunday, May 11, 2014

Once Upon A Time I Got Box Braids

When I want something, when I really really want something, I tend to over think about it and get it done. I wish I can use this mentality to make money or better my life but vain as I am, instead I got myself box braids. (lels)
I had it done days before my birthday (last April 29).

And lemme tell you the stuff I had to go through:
Finding someone that's reputable with this craft..
Solving the dilemma of extensions by using YARN instead of fake/real hair (Buying tons of yarn)..
Travelling from South to North to get this done..
Enduring 7hrs of the painful process..
Getting shit from relatives and strangers..
Not being able to sleep properly for 5 days due to scalp pain (yes, it IS that painful)..
VERY HARD TO CHANGE OUTFITS, or try on clothes when shopping (on the first week).. Not being able to properly wash my hair.. The dandruff problem..
And, the scream-worthy massive hair loss upon removal of braids.

But even so I felt awesome, confident, satisfied, powerful woman and more intouch with my creative side. It is more than what I could ever asked for. What I could ever pay for. It proves what I'm willing to do to get what I want (ok, maybe that's too dramatic!!)
And I have found new respect to everyone who rocks box braids or micro braids because shit ain't easy!!!! Hirari Ikeda's hair is totally more than just what it looks, and I will never look at her pics the same way again!

PS RANT: Also have to deal with idiots insisting that this is dreadlocks! The word box braids or micro braids is truly non-existent in their world.. I know I'm mean but the scalp pain also made me a very short tempered person haha.. I try to explain patiently but there are just those ppl who will not accept and shove their belief down on me and inside my head I'm like "between u and me who do you think did more research about this?!??"ugh i just can't!! Anyway, rant over lol~!!

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  1. So much respect for you Yapo!! even though you endured through the pain and judgements, it's all about what you want and how you feel about it!

    And yes i'm having more respect for Hirari as well, since i never knew it would be so hard wearing box braids x__x

    And oh, forgot the most important part, you ROCK it!! and as always you rock anything hehehe <3

  2. Haha, my mom actually has yarn braids right now and people always ask her if she has dreads lol. They look really good on you! I think they really suited your style ^ ^.

    But tbh, braids are always uncomfortable when you first get them on but they shouldn't hurt THAT much (unless you have a sensitive scalp). It could mean that your hairdresser did them way too tight. That's really what it sounds like to me :/.

  3. Wow, they suit you very well! How long do they last?
    I'm also that type of person who thinks things which I really want over and over and then still get them anyways. xD Man, much respect for you for doing this, although it was quite painful.

    Didn't know you have an industrial. ♥ I got mine like 4 weeks ago. :)

  4. Hi! i hope you could respond to my query.. im in a religion that requires of no cutting of hair, im planning to get this done on my hair. where did you get this done? im from the south so it will be much accessible to my place :)

  5. my email: