Sunday, June 29, 2014


[Photo Dump] Hi, blog! This month, me and Bry went on a 4 day trip to Kuala Lumpur. It was already set last year so the excitement build up was HEAVY~
The original plan was to land on KL and travel straight ahead to Bangkok. Ehhh but Bryan being Bryan, we just had to change the plan last minute !(´Д`;)

...And I'm glad we did
Because Bry was reunited with his childhood friend who entertained and guided us the whole time we were there.
Yay for free lodging!!

But it is also safe to say that the trip was solely for Bry's enjoyment.. I did enjoy too but....yeaaaaa~ it could've been much better if I was given freedom to go where I please and explore on my own phase.
If you know what I mean~
CONS when you have a boyfriend who totally has different interests than you do. But since the trip was his whole idea, I went on the non-assertive yapo and just say YES to all of his plans.

I still feel frustrated that I wasn't able to meet my online buddies in KL. The timing wasn't the best too, everyone I know is very busy for KL Fashion Week. Not to mention they are DRESSED TO SLAY. While Yapo on the other hand is looking nothing but lost baka gaijin in my travel wardrobe.
So maybe it was for the best?

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  1. Aww it's kind of a bummer that you couldn't go where you wanted to go, i think your bf has to give it your way as well.. oh well i hope you at least af fun :p the pics you made are awesome and delicious looking hehe!

    and oh one question that has been wondering through my mind, did you lose the braids? and why actually? i wasn't sure if you were showing some "old" pics on facebook, but since this was pretty recent i got a bit confused ehehehe

  2. Thanks for still dropping by my inactive blog haha! yep, I removed it after 3 weeks because my scalp started to get real itchy and since I can't wash my hair, I developed dandruff!!! The heat was intense as well so thought best to remove it early ^_^

  3. omg you were planning to come to bangkok?! ;___; next time please do, i'd love to take you shopping and of course food!

  4. Jelly, it all looks so amazing! I have to follow you on instagram now aswell.

  5. yep maybe next year we're going to Bangkok if everything goes well <3 I will let you know! Even just on the photos here on the internet Im already falling inlove w/ Bangkok! <3

  6. Thank you dear!! I hope you can visit KL too, it's such a colorful place!!!

  7. wow my country! haha thanks for coming.