Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Casio TR150

Rejoice! Rejoice! I have new camera!!! Ohoho~ It's a Casio Exilim TR-150! OMG!!°・(=⌒▽⌒=)

(click pics for bigger reso)
If you are oredi familiar with this cam, then you prolly laughing at me right now LOL. But if you aren't then here are some hand picked rave reviews (that i've been reading repeatedly because I totally am infatuated w/ this camera haha):
KellyKonomi, Wendy Ashley, Jamiety, Junyingg
There are tons more reviews posted if you google!

About couple of months ago I decided that it's time to buy a new camera. So I went on a research what camera should I get.. Flip screen is absolute MUST. Bottom line, the Casio ZR series was what I am aiming for (budget and feature-wise, it's a entry type digicam)and so I started saving up..
And just so people know..... Casio as a camera brand is basically UNHEARD of here in Philippines.. In short, it was hell trying to find a store that carries Casio cameras. Even online gadget shops steered clear of this brand for what reason I D K

I don't get it at all why Casio cameras are so elusive in Manila when they're the bee's knees right now across Asia~!!

Anyway, I was really having a hard time looking for a Casio ZR1200, I thought maybe I could just buy when we go to Malaysia this June.. But last minute I found a store here that carries ZR1200 for 16k php, even tho slightly more expensive compared to other countries..

So fast forward this Aug I was def ready to buy it and so I went to the store but they said it was already SOLD OUT.. Seriously I was d e s p e r a t e... I have been patient enough to wait for months.. But alas I couldn't find anywhere else and the shop vaguely telling me that it'll take sometime or never to restock the model.

I was a desolate nomad..
Nothing like a shoppingholic who couldn't buy what she's saved up for..

But giving up is not an option so I scoured the internet where to locally buy this camera.. I could've used eBay, or Lazada, or whatever.. But all of them requires that I wait.. and God knows I've had enough wait.

Then one fateful day (lol)
I saw someone on OLX.ph selling his old TR150!!! WTF I panicked and searched for him on FB lol I immedietly found him and harassed him to sell the cam only to me lol cuz I was so afraid of competition haha. In the end yea I was finally able to buy TR150 instead of ZR1200 for a really cheap price too cheaper than zr1200 actually..! That is something rare.. And Im very happy!

Casio TR series has long announced their more improved versions: TR15 and TR35. And as for the ZR series, a new one has also came out around this year, the ZR1500.

...But I can't help to notice, I'm really happy with TR150 lol it's like I'm rejoicing for buying iPhone3gs when iPhone5s and 5c is out LOLOL. =.= that's how hard it is to find this camera here.

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  1. Yaaaaay you now own THE magic camera! Haha don't worry about getting an old version, the new ones aren't THAT much improved imo (comparing the ones my friends have), probably just wifi options etc. The purple and green are so cute though haha ^3^

  2. *u* thank you.... I may also try to make videos with it as well!
    I tried to compare the specs and yes, not much changed except for how it looked and the handy shutter buttons..
    yes, i love the pearly white ones, they have rainbow colors when they reflect the light lol so elegant

  3. aww never heard of it before! but i hope it gives you some nice selfies hehe~

  4. Congrats on buying one and getting a bargain for it! The quality looks amazing. I would love to buy one from the TR series but I still prefer buying the ZR1300 because I can use it take other photos besides selfies XD

  5. i would've gone for zr too if i had the chance.. I def know what you mean.. i'm still trying to get used to the 21mm lens which is huge difference w/ iPhone ~.~

  6. If you ever think of selling that once you findZR1500 let me know haha!

  7. hahah sure thing ^_^ ikaw una ko sabihan :*

  8. fuckkGOvernmentHookerOct 4, 2014, 6:08:00 AM

    yaptus-san what STORE or where the bells is that place that sells zr1500 cuz Im so desperate to get one =((((( do they also have the tr-series ????? I even saw one in ayosdito but i'm scared I might buy the wrong one =+=

  9. Oh god you are so lucky! Tr15 ones are fckn expensive as fuu and very hard to find at ph, but i'll do anything to have that cam lol

  10. omg for some reason i only saw your comment just now! in any case, if you still read my blog, you can try to inquire at Compex. The only ones that carry casio cameras in Manila ^_^ goodluck!!!

  11. Hellzyea lucky af! haha. and goodluck!! I saw some at ayosdito and a friend of mine has the tr35 he wants to sell, if you're desperate ^_^ its expensive tho but let me know if you still interested.

  12. can you link me the one in ayosdito? idk im still totally broke right now hahaha how much does he sells his thou?