Monday, September 1, 2014

Bazooka Rocks 3

Hello everyone! Yapo here reporting for Bazooka Rocks iii Music Festival that took place last Aug. 30 at the SMX!
This is my first time attending a music festival, so I'm clueless on how stuff goes but anyway I can say that I had a good time! Thanks to LeePipes for all this opportunity, even giving me clothes to wear omg!!!

I was also given a VIP ticket and get a chance to meet&greet one of the bands performing that night.
Can I be honest with you guys, looking at the list of bands performing, it is sad that I don't listen to any of them at all. So I feel privileged and sad at the same time. When I lined up at the meet and greet, i feel numb, while everyone else was spazzing and fan girling over their favorite band.. In the end I didn't force myself to meet The Used.

Moving on, the first thing you will see whilst entering the hall was 2 booths of Alice In Wonderland set up for taking photos. This is possibly my most favorite part of the venue.

LeePipe's booth is looking extravagant as well! They even had this shirt customization going on which is really cool!! You can do tie dyes, cut outs, heat press, etc.. You can def get your creation going on and execute whatever you feel like. They also have this Volkswagen Combi which is JUST SO NICE.. Like, can i dine here forevs!

It was so nice to meet my lovely online buddies who were also there! Music unites us all LOL! Hello Mike, Janine, Mav and new friend Cenon!! (Mav and Cenon I met before the event im so starstrucked, such good looking lads!)

The concert was surprisingly fuller than what I've anticipated, and although there was a lot of people, there were no reported casualties.. Even the local bands among the crowd was not harassed. It was sure a nice new experience for me!

Maybe next time I'll enjoy the event more when I actually listen to bands who will be performing so it won't be so awkward for me to headbang lol. Nonetheless, I am forever grateful and lucky to have witnessed such an amazing live! Kudos to all the organizers for making this all possible!

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  1. you met The Used?! Oh my god.. T^T <3

  2. aww so awesome! you're getting more famous by the day Yapo <3
    so proud of youu ~

  3. I just noticed that you were a lefty. Hehehe. Yapofacts. <3

  4. i saw them...from afar.. ahaha..

  5. waaaaa das not true.. this is my first time to get a blogging gig like this.. im thankful is all <3 thanks my jennifer! i might go back to eu this nov, nothing is final yet tho but i'll let you know!

  6. Thank you my dear mirumiru!!!! so honored waaaaa!

  7. I really love your haircut and color! So cool!