Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Boracay 2014

[IMAGE HEAVY] Hello everyone, I just got back from my short trip. I personally think 3 days is too short, and the weather isn't cooperating so I wasn't able to make everything out of it! I had my adventurous vibe on but it was raining non-stop. So instead I just relaxed and unwind.

I've been to Boracay before but that was more than 10yrs ago haha! So this felt like a first time for me again.
The beauty is astounding, there were lesser people around this time of the year.
Here I will be sharing with you some snaps I took while I was there.

After the airplane ride, you still have to take a van and take you to the port (max 2hrs) then there will be a boat waiting for you to get you to Boracay island (at last) doesn't sound much but really it's kinda tiring lol
Then you still have to ride a tricycle to finally take you to your hotel which is probably just beside the shore. We stayed at Little Priarie. The rooms are average but cozy and very convenient..After resting for a bit at the hotel, we decided to stroll along the shore.
It's only our first day but I'm already shopping for souvenirs lol. We were so hungry that time so I went kinda crazy when I saw Mang Inasal, they have unli rice so yeah I ended up eating 3rice. I love Mang Inasal!!!!! Basically that's how I spend the 1st day. Traveling to Boracay, strolling, eating at Mang Inasal then finally call it a day cuz I easily get tired and hello I need my daily dose of internet surfing lol.
2nd day at breakfast we ate at Jasper's Tapsihan. Their food are so good and madcheap!! Like 60php on a whole meal.. That's roughly 2$ mind you~
I mean presentation-wise it's not saying much but damn pls believe me it's really good!! Like we ate here again lol and now in Manila I'm still craving for their cheap good Tapsilog. After eating bfast it's finally time to go swimming haha. I was scared for my hair's condition, I know once I go swimming I will lose my ash hair! So I ended up swimming a little w/o my getting my hair wet lol but halfway I had so much fun i decided that yeah I don't care anymore lol

I came to Boracay for the sand, so normally you'll see me playing with sand hahaha.

Swimming for half day non stop made us really hungry and since it was Bry's birthday we decided to eat at OLE! It's a spanish cuisine place but of course there are also our favorite beef sisig!!After eating we went on to swim again whole afternoon, it was raining so we cancelled our snorkling plans or visiting the zoos. I tried to learn surfing but it didn't even took me an hour to give up LOL!

Beside our hotel there was a fruit shake place, JONAH'S, so I decided to try there instead. They have a lot of branches across boracay so maybe their stuff is really good. And yep they were!!

So proud to go outside without makeup (except for lipstick lol). Im also having break outs due to frequent dyeing.. I think getting fat and having break outs are two of my biggest problems right now after this trip hahaha. I wish I'd be more consistent with exercise.

For dinner, we were invited for free buffet by Astoria. Wow free buffet! So we immediately said yes haha then after that I kinda regret it cuz turns out it was actually a marketing strategy for their business which is selling vacation properties LOL. Lesson learned~ Free buffets are not worth it. I think the presentation lasted for eternity and at the end you will say NO to their offer unless you really are interested.

After that dreaded experience, we decided to go to a nearby club!! Take note, I've never clubbed before lol! So it was crazy and boring at the same time.. I guess I'm not really a clubbing person.. The place was stinking with sex etc.. It was fun to see group of friends dancing and having a good time, but then there are a lot of hookers who are dancing nasty and funny and taking advantage of vacationists!
Oh I'd rather be at the hotel doing some internet lol!
Ok finally we approach third day. I know my blogging sux, this post is way too long. I could've wrote is shorter but sigh where is the fun in that. Actually Im just feeling lazy now and all I wanna do is finish this whole damn post hahaha. Ok final day, we just had to eat at Japer's again. This time I try their longganisa.
And made some final shopping for friends. I then realized that I still haven't bought anything for myself yet and it was so hard to decide what, cuz even though the souvenirs aren't exactly expensive, it's the accumulated cheap stuff that's really burning a whole to your pocket. In the end, I grabbed this black and white sarong
This is also my outfit for leaving boracay. I wish we could've stayed longer and done more exploration and activities, but alas, I was also feeling a bit homesick for my daily routine. Maybe next time in Palawan I'll go explore more! But that's still a long time ahead. For now I will just treasure all the memories I had on my short stay.

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  1. BORA♡♡♡
    Your photos make me miss it a lot! ALSO THAT FOOD LOOKS DELICIOUS!!
    OLE's cafe decor is so cute, so is your sand 'snowman' haha :D

  2. Love how even your beach photos is consistent with your style. Black n white forever!

  3. Aww seemed like fun bb! Did you go with your bf alone? or with friends? ^^
    I really like the pictures you took * ^* did you ash hair fade aniway? :p

  4. Thank you Laura bb!! Yeah I haven't tried any food in Bora that I didn't like! Also, I realized how convenient the place was for tourists.. Like they really won't get lost cuz it's a straight street lol.

  5. Haha oo nga e if you saw my luggage it's all monochrome. Beach goth nga daw sabe sakin LOL

  6. Yeaaaa my hair faded in an instant lol! Salt water was never friendly with hair color anyway T^T

    It was a holiday trip with bry! We've been adventurous this year lol

  7. Well, they said a trip to Boracay won't be complete without clubbing LOL .. but I feel the same about clubs. Nice for you to be able to find good and cheap meals while you're in there! It's annoying that you had to go through that buffet thing, tho. Hope it won't happen again in your future trips.

  8. I miss your blog huhuhu. It's been a while since I last had time to stalk my favorite blogs*^* I hate work. Haha! All the breakfast food made me sooooo hungry :< Hahahaha kainis! And omg!!! I'm so jealous of your casio camera! Cheesie has that too diba? Waaant! Huhu. Inggit! <3 <3 <3

  9. Whaaaa hello~ Long time nga! Yeah busy busy din dito. Ngayon lang ulit ako nakakapagblog ng mas madalas :'/

    yepz, kaso luma na model ito sakin waaaa hirap kasi humanap neto dito satin T.T kung madami lang ako pera ako na magbubusiness nito dito LOL

  10. Atlast:-) enjoyed reading ur blog.. ^-^ cant wait to visit boracay too.. ur my inspiration..

  11. this means so much, thank you dear. :)

    Are you going there too? You're gonna love it there <3
    Have fun!

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