Friday, November 23, 2012

International Brussels Tattoo Convention

Hello, I'm here to cover another convention I went to~ My objective is to see a lot of unique and cool people, and I wasn't disappointed!! I have a lot of photos to share but let me choose a few ones that stood out In Philippines we have Dutdutan but here in Bruxelles they have "International Tattoo Convention" where people who enjoy tattoos gather together for a unique experience of ink artistry and be surrounded with people who enjoy the same interest! It's great way to discover new artists, shops, and basically anything that has to do w/ tattoo

Today I learned that Tattoos have a very wide scope of audience~ from normal people to rockers, punks, rockabilly, emo&goths, and bikers!! Also, there was piercings, barbershop that specializes to related hairstyles (Which I am most interested tbh!!),there were car shows and the place is over flowing with awesome people and amazing bands.So even though I was alone during the whole time, I didn't get bored, in fact I enjoyed the crowd more than the previous convention I went to.. Although at first I did feel intimidated and felt that I don't belong but yeah all the people I asked for photograph were very kind and all smiles, so that helped me ease the discomfort until finally I felt just another girl from the crowd I hope you enjoyed the photos!! See you guys next post~


  1. Fantastic pictures! :D
    Were you tempted to get a tattoo at all? ;)

  2. wow such beautiful people and tattoo's!!
    haha didn't you get a free tattoo at all? :p aniway i envy you for going alone to conventions xDD if i were in your place i'd be intimidated too .__.

  3. This looks fun! Nice photos :)

  4. That is so cool! we also had a tattoo convention here where I live just recently but couldn't go because I had to work :(

    and yes, you've got very cool photos there! I also am interested with the hairstyles!! especially the rockabilly ones. :3

  5. :O Ganda nung tattoo sa likod! I love your photos yaps! <3