Friday, September 5, 2014

Sambo Kojin!

I'm not buffet person but it's past due that I try out Sambokojin.. I'm so intrigued with their food and I've been depriving myself for months to eat out.. I actually am bloated from all the junk food and sodium intake cuz cheap processed food.. So now, please give me a break and let me eat actual food. Thank you Bryan for buying me a new dress btw, he is so hardworking recently and we see each other very rarely.. Now this is what you call proper date lol.

I made it a point to try out all their dishes by getting really small amounts of each food but even then I feel so stuffed! Everything tastes so good!! I actually skipped dessert lol! I think w/ buffets it's common knowledge to eat all you get and not be 'takaw-mata' so I was aghast when Bryan kept getting more and more yakiniku
In the end we had a bit of left overs and sad to waste such delicious foods.. I don't think it's allowed to take away so bai bai good food and lesson learned for Bryan..

Me eating buffet food at Sambokojin

I super enjoyed the good food and company last night.. The staff are all so kind especially to us first timers even if their venue was teeming w/ diners.. The lines outside was very long too.. Usually people will hang out long hours to maximize the price they paid for, so I think reservation would be a really good idea or just come like very early to be seated asap.

If you like to try out here as well head on to their Facebook Page. If I remember correctly they don't have service charge so you can really budget your money if dining there. All you have to remember is that on lunch it's much cheaper (599) compared to dinner (699), exclusive of drinks ~.~

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  1. Look so yummy *-* and you so cute, as always <3

  2. I've always wanted to try buffets but I get full so easily lol. Glad you had fun!

  3. damn all that food tho o_o so envious ~ i wish food like that here was cheap xD