Monday, October 27, 2014


Woah, I've been blessed to be a part of another music video, "Mahalin Muli" by 5az1! What makes it even more special is that this is also their first formal music video release despite already performing on national TV (GMA). Aren't they such cuties!! They all have such amiable personalities! So friendly and trying to connect with everyone. Our role was to simply watch their performance and ogle at their harana. They sang to me omg. kell meh.

Selfie with everyone! They prefer to be called as a "manband" rather than a boyband. But my Jpop influence tells me they're more like "idols" type because they combine singing and dancing when performing. Now if I would take a favorite, it would be Jess, because he's so freakin cute I CAN'T. And oh sorry if I look so derp on some photos ok.

Super selfie sessions with my girls and new friends~ Hello Ms. Kate and Ingrid! This is my my favorite part of the event, bonding with them! It just feels so nice to share a new experience with friends. I am going to be super sad to leave, but at least I have this awesome memory to take with me.

A lot of thanks to Artisano Studio for making this all possible, and also to all other sponsors! Black Market, DesignMatters, Sadako Creations, and Sindo. Thank you everyone!
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  1. "Manband" LOL! 3rd guy's a cutie! :3

  2. ahah it is my first time to encounter that word too ^_^

  3. Ooohh "Manband?" That's really creative. It's like they're saying "We're not boys, we're men."

  4. I wonder if the word manband will take off. It could be the new cross over word for boy bands who are no longer in their teens.

    Regardless you look heaps puuuurdy & it sounds like you had a lovely time :D

  5. wow sounds like you had a great time!! never heard of them before xD but again, not so fan of boybands hahaha, or mandband :p