Wednesday, October 1, 2014

TR150 Sticker

So I bought new camera, right? So far I'm very satisfied and happy about it and I think it's one of the main reason why Im blogging actively again. It's no secret that I got it second hand and although it's working perfectly I'm still a bit sad about the scratches. There are few scratches and bumps on the corner from the old owner, and even a gentle lady like me(not!) is scared that I might accidentally add more dents and scratches.

What an eye sore! It's pretty and perfect if only not for these cringe worthy scratches! Check out the paint peeling off T.T It was kinda hard to find something that is my style on Taobao though so I settled for this. Not totally bad yea?

The store url name is WTFWTF is which pretty shady for a shop name LOL! But on Taobao, you can't judge a store by it's name haha! The ratings and the reviews set the mark. I'm very pleased with their packaging and the print quality of the sticker. 10/10 will buy here again!

I thought I'll be having a hard time sticking it but it's very flexible actually and taking them off will also guarantee that it won't be messy or will leave sticky residue. So I think this is a good quality product. I just wish the shop would have customization option for very picky and particular girls like me.

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  1. I love products that protect your gadgets while giving it a new look at the same time. This design is so perfect for you. :)

  2. It looks so much cooler like this! do they also sell clothes there?