Monday, November 3, 2014

Vradica Update

Remember the itty bitty little spider I got last February? Well, I think it's about time to give you guys some updates about my Vradica. I've had Vradica for over 9months now and along that span of time I have discovered a lot of things.
One, is that once you've start committing to Tarantula Husbandry, it's just impossible to own only one. Somewhere along that 9months I was able to add 3 to my collection; 1 Grammostola Pulchra (Brazilian Black), 1 Brachypelma Boehmei (Mexican Fireleg) and 1 Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens (Green Bottle Blue). All of which are beginner species, meaning they are tamest of the tamest and have lowest venom.
Two, it is possible to be overly attached to these emotionless creatures. Let's be honest, Tarantulas aren't the cutest or the fluffiest pets, in fact they won't even know you or get used to you petting them, there is always the risk that they will bite you with venom, or kick mad itchy hairs at you. You cannot completely tame them. And yet, when I'm not with them for days, I would dream about them and constantly worry about their welfare (even if they can actually survive months without eating).
Three, Vradica is a male. LOL. Too late to change his name, I've grown attached to it oredi! Unlike other pets, you cannot tell right away what gender is your T because their sexual organs are too small. You have to wait until they are 3inches dls before you can confirm it. It's one of the most thrilling thing, watching your T grow and discover if it's a male or female. For breeders, it's only natural to favor female Ts but for hobbyists like me it really doesn't matter. So when you want a female T, you have to buy at least 3 of the same species as slings (spiderlings) so you have better chances.

Vradica's size next to my hand

Side story: I went to my sis' place to stay for a couple of days. I left all my spiders here in Manila. One night I had a dream about Vradica having a hard time molting (changing/shedding skin) and I was crying coz it didn't seem like he can make it alive.. Vradica then transformed into a semi-human with long blonde curls only to show me how much he is suffering. I woke up worried and feeling awful, the whole day I was fidgeting and couldn't wait to check on him. When I returned to Manila, I saw that Vradica has finally shed his skin and is actually very healthy. Coincidence? I do not think so.

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  1. Tarantulas are like 8-legged cats. Haha! You also run the risk of being scratched or bitten, and some cats don't care much about their owners (unless they have food).

    Hope to see Vradi and the rest of the spider gang grow up to be big and healthy T's!! <3 Much love!

  2. I'm afraid of spiders, even seeing a photo of them freak me out but for some reason the pictures of your little pet doesn't seem to freak me out~ of course if i ever saw one in real life, I would cry.

  3. damn! you have grown so much motherly instincts for your spiders, it's amazing xDD can you actually pick them up? have they ever bitten you before and left marks?

  4. Waaaah so badass. Vradica is such a handsome little fellow :D I mean I'm terrified of spiders in real life, but Vradica's pictures/IG videos make me feel like his a cute little plush haha. X