Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What's On My iPhone

[IMAGE HEAVY] I've always wanted to do this! Nobody ever tagged me but fuck that. Here's my unrequited What's On My iPhone post! You should post too, cuz I love checking out other people's phones and you know, it really is somehow a mirror of yourself. So it's fun. Specially bloggers, admit it or not, we are dependent on these smartphones. I'm thankful to be born in this time where this kind of technology exist.

Anyway, enough blabber. I have a black iPhone5 16gb which I got 2nd hand (yep no shame in that) that I've been using for what, 9 months? Pretty much. Here is a proper photo of my lockscreen:

You all know me, even if I devote my life to the black brotherhood of Westeros I am weak against Little Twin Stars! These duo is the only color in my life. Haha. I thought maybe this is just a phase, but here I am, still a sucker for everything LTS. However, you will find that I often change my lock screen wallpaper. Like maybe every week.

....Before I proceed, I get a lot of questions on instagram as to where I got my case, so here's the link. I got it on taobao~

So moving on, if you swipe it open (I don't have a passcode *GASP*) you'll see that I have 2 pages. I had a phase where I hated folders, however now I'm changed and I want everything sorted out on folders except the ones I use very often. All apps are arranged by efficiency (or compromised by color lol).

My wallpaper is a photo of Buddha and Iesu from Seinto Oniisan which is my feel good favorite anime. I also like to think they attract positive vibes so I always have something of them around (how's that for superstition).

I'll start from the app tray, which is my shortcut apps, I have Phone, Safari, Mailbox, and VSCOCAM.
(Click the app name and it'll direct you to the appstore where you can preview them)
  • Mailbox- This app is my favorite mail app because it allows me to organize my emails, and also enables me to log in to multiple email accounts. I love their feature where they have this auto trash option where if you're subscribed to a mailing list which you don't really read you can toggle the auto trash option and voila, everytime that address sends you an email it'll send it to the trash.
  • VSCOCAM- cuz who doesn't??? This app is the my most spent-on app. Like, if they release new filters, I'll just click the buy button even without thinking. That's how much I love this app. I use this on my instagram and even here in my blog. All of my photos will have to go through here first before setting foot in the world of social media. HAHAHA
On the first page, you'll see pretty much the native apps. Messages, Calendar, Photo, Note, Weather, App Store, Clock, Settings, Music, MxTube, BPI, and Spending.
  • MxTube- I cringe every time I watch What's-On-My-iPhone posts and see they that use Youtube's official app. Switch to Mxtube oredi, please. It let's me view my subscriptions, organize 'em, comment, and edit my playlist, history, etc. But the best part is that they have this cache feature which let's you store videos so you can watch them later even offline.
  • BPI- This is my banking app. It's a life saver~ I can't count how many times I have relied to this app to pay for my online shopping. Not only that but real time monitoring of my savings account, transaction history, reload my prepaid phone, transfer funds, etc. I love BPI!
  • Spending Tracker- Well, if you're like me who would often wonder why the hell so suddenly broke then get depressed, this is the app for you. It basically is an expense and income list where you can record where you spend your money or how much you earned. It's very simple yet detailed. I am learning to budget better now, thanks to this app. The icon app also very cute hihi.
Moving on to the 2nd page, I have 8 folders: Chat, Social, Photo, Video, Gaming, Fancy, Fitness, and Dump. Let's start from Chat
  • Chikka- Is a messenger app that allows you to send sms to your contacts via internet. It's really handy for prepaid users like me who are always online but won't reload their phone lol.
  • Meowchat- Have this for 2 months now. It's a fun app where you can choose location of your chatmates thanks to their map feature, you can drag the cat anywhere on the globe and it'll show you people who are using meowchat from that area.They also have this instagram-like feed and profile where you can ofc show off your selfies. I use this mostly to find pretty girls from Japan, China, Thailand, Korea, etc. LOL. There are less perverts in here so I feel safer.
  • Viber- I only use this cuz most of instagram shops locally will require viber to communicate with them. Other than that, I really don't have any use for this.
  • Skype- I don't use this too, I have this only for formality and family reasons.
  • Line- Chatting app I prefer most, probably because I also spent a lot for stickers in here! Haha.
  • WeChat- Some friends prefer using WeChat so I keep it around. It was fun at first but yeah, meowchat's better imo.
  • Facebook Messenger- The app that was shoved down our throats. Gave it 1 star and I won't even link it here.

Most of these are pretty much self explanatory, these are social networking sites I use often. They are almost native apps themselves lol.
  • Dayre- An app that has perfected mobile blogging. Unlike other blogging apps, Dayre focuses on content made directly from mobile, so it's light and more or less updated real-time. The reason I signed up is to read XiaXue's blog. If I feel like I suddenly want to share or write something longer than 140 characters, I usually post it on here. I do some make up reviews here as well. You can visit my blog and follow me @yaptus or
  • OLX- Our local eBay. Buy and Sell app. I know it's not exactly social media app but where else can I put this. Haha! Anyway this is really handy when I want to browse current prices of gadgets in the market so I always have this around. It is also worth noting that this app had its bad days lol but is now improved and I am very impressed.
  • Meitu Beauty- There are tons of skin beautifying apps around but this has got to be my favorite. They also added a video feature which allows us women to deceive not only on photos but on videos as well LOL. I tried it and truly vouch for this app!
  • Decopic and Line Camera- I bought Little Twin Stars stickers on both apps! And honestly that's their only function to me LOL
  • MeituPic- I don't use this app often unless I want to pixelate some infos when I do screenshots. And when I want to flip my photos, cuz unlike other photo apps meitu actually exports high quality pics. I am so against image compression specially if it's for my blog and instagram~!
  • KobitoPuri- I'm a huge fan of Kobito Duran and the whole gang. I have also bought some frames from here so it would be a waste to delete it even though I rarely use this app. As you can see I don't hold back on spending with these kinds of apps idk why lol T.T /gets shot
  • Videohance- (2.99$) It's a decent video editing app, I especially love how I can also adjust the contrast, brightness, saturation, etc. on video, you can also add music,transition and a lot more! The only problem is that they tend to compress the video quality so yeah that's why sometimes I'm so bummed using this.
  • Chromic- So far this is the VSCOCAM of videos. It has a lot of filters too but that's it. It can't do anything else. It has pretty decent export quality though so it's reliable on that aspect.
  • PZB2- Since it's an offline game, it's great to keep it around when you're killing time.
  • Cytus-(1.99$) My most highly raved game ever, it takes about 1gb of my memory and that's alright!!! Cuz I love this so much. I was hella competitive playing this before, but just like all games at some point you get tired and just play it casually. I still love it though.
  • Symphonica- Holy hell this game aint cheap but damn, this is one of the most enjoyable game I've ever played. Made by the creators of Final Fantasy so rest assured every penny goes to creative people who wants to push forward making more quality games. The game is about Tackt and his dreams to be the greatest conductor but yeah his brother is his rival and so the both of them will face off eventually. It's really engaging and you get to conduct an orchestra. A superb game if you'll ask me! Only if you're willing to spend 15$ on this game that is! *GASP*
  • LOVE LIVE SCHOOD IDOL PROJECT- Now this is my wifey app right here! Kill me now but I love this game. Like, if they have an event I will cancel my plans for the day and just griiiiind baby grind. haha. I'm not the most responsible gamer out there, i know i know /pats own shoulder. Surprisingly enough, I haven't spent a single cent on this game, cuz I'm willing to climb it w/o help of real life currency. Please imagine that dedication. LOL. Basically this is just another rhythm game, where you have to hit the notes on perfect timing. Only this includes the champ team of Love Live where you can collect cards, raging from Common to Ultra Rare. Level them up and choose which among those cuties will be your captain. My favorite is Nico Nico, we have same attitude perspective towards life LOL.
  • Flashair- It's for my wifi SD card, I'm able to transfer pics from my camera directly to my phone thanks to this app. It has greatly helped and eased me specially when blogging.
  • Emoticon-(0.99$) Omg I have been waiting for an app like this my whole life! I saw this on Japan's top grossing apps so I had to find it no matter what. This is the first dedicated japanese emoji keyboard app that I've tried. It has a decent amount of emojis and I think they still keep on updating the app. I no longer have to switch between apps just to copy paste emojis. If you like expressing yourself with japanese emojis this is a MUST TRY.

  • Line Deco- I have loved this app since day one it was released. It's an amazing source of high quality icons, wallpapers and deco packs. It recently revamped their app and it just keeps on getting better.
  • JustUnfollow- Yes I know you unfollowed me both on instagram and twitter! LOL! Kidding!! I rarely use this app but it's nice to have it around. Cuz it monitors your followers, unfollowers, and users not following you back. It also have this relationship checker to know if userXXXX still follows you or what. Can totally see people who follow just to unfollow! smh. And the best thing about it is that it's legit, I mean, I used to have this follower checker app but I was so shocked to see it made me follow people I dont even know on ig! So yeah, I never had that "hacking" experience here. Another thing I like is that it has this feature that shows you which user liked most of your posts, it's very handy cuz I love to return the favor as much as I can. Their newest feature is post scheduler, what it does it they notify you when is the best time to post your ig photo so that most of your followers are actually online and higher chance to get more likes. I know it sounds all too worked up just for instagram/twitter but if you've had no accomplishment for the day but a single selfie post, the likes can really cheer you up haha!
  • MyFitnessPal- I think you oredi know this app if you're into exercising, I also rarely use this but whenever I see the icon I'm reminded that I have to do some exercise--another day. LOL
  • Plant Nanny- For some reason this simple app takes a lot of space on my phone. However it really is helpful with my struggle to drink lots of water. I sort of take care of a virtual plant where as everytime I drink water, the plant grows bit by bit. And if I forget to drink for a long time, it'll wither. It's very helpful to be honest. One of the best apps I have bought, although if you are disciplined enough, you can do without this app.

And finally, my dump folder. Where as I dump all apps I rarely use. Both camera and iTunes have a shortcut so I hid em here too.
I want to congratulate you if you are still reading this post. To be honest by my standards this is a TLDR post (too long didn't read) I just enjoy writing about the apps I use. And I really really look forward to yours too! Yes, cuz I'm nosey like that LOL. If you think there are apps I should check out, let me know! So yeah, I hope that you've seen something new or I got you curious over some apps. Thanks again for reading, I'll see you guys soon!

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  1. Interesting apps! Meitu is my favourite selca app hahaha /all the filters

  2. I agree, I remember having meitu back when I was still using iPhone 3G haha. it has really evolved and a favorite photo app ^___^

  3. I used to have Meowchat. I only used it for ikemen hunting. Lol. And ooooooh, I have to get that spendingtracker app. Need to budget money. Huhuhu.

  4. woah! 15 bucks for a app? XDD that game has to be godsent then hahaha, i've never paid for an app before, just stickers xD gotta stay that pick and lineplay still are my favorite apps i use haha.

  5. yesss it's really helpful!! Im still amazed how my phone is such an integral part of my life now :3

  6. I've always admired how consistent you are with apps! I seem to be jumping from one app to another. Ahahaha!

  7. You've got some interesting apps & your screens are so neat ^____^. I think I might actually give Cytus a try, it sounds pretty cool. X

  8. I always wanted to do this tag too but I have like triple the apps you have.. orz.
    The plant nanny app sounds so cute!! I dont think i drink enough water so it sounds motivating!
    I've been spammed with Meow Chat invites on facebook like everyday so I thought it was a spam app, but it looks so interesting...I'm a real sucker for cats lol

  9. I love posts like this! The apps are interesting, but I don't use iOS anymore because of my broke ass LOL I miss using VSCO!!!

  10. omg a lot of people here are really into love live too haha.
    enjoyed reading this!! it's cool to know you're also using a "remind me to drink water" app haha

  11. If you like music games, Im sure you'll enjoy it! :D

  12. I hope you'll have the time! or you can make a video so it'll be easier-i guess? BUT yes I am looking forward to yours now hehe!!

    I get what you mean about meowchat invites i tend to get them too before!!

  13. There are times when I really get itchy to switch to android, but then i remember all the apps I bought haha.

    Try HTC im very impressed with their mobile line up XD
    Glad you like my long post!

  14. haha i breath for love live!!
    Thanks Im glad you enjoyed~ it would be awesome if u can make a post too ^_^

  15. DONE!! It was surprisingly fun making my phone all organized and pretty before screenshotting ahaha

  16. I want that emoji app too, but paid orz