Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Switched To Android

There's no arguing I love my iPhone so much, but I had to let it go since it was carrier locked and I am moving to UK, yet I cannot afford an upgrade. So hello, HTC ONE M7! Haha! I don't know if you guys can remember but last year around August I also tried my luck on Android by buying an Oppo uLike2 (Selfie phone) but not even a week of using it I came back running to my iPhone4! But this time, I tried approaching Android again and so far even though I still prefer my iPhone5, things are going great.

I think it helps a lot that I have a bigger space (32gb) and 2gb ram. The screen is also impressive, it's almost like Apple's and it's def HUGE. I am also enjoying the the organized albums on gallery which I have always loved and my complaint when I shifted to apple for the first time (2012). Gaming on my HTC is on par with iPhone5, only the front Beats Audio speaker really adds to the experience.

I think HTC M7's exterior design still looks better than the M8, and all Android phones combined lol. The only regret I have isn't going the extra mile to settle for the white one. It frustrates me though that it lacks protective shells/cases available on the market. Oh well. Just like life.

I know I've missed mentioning some other great stuff but I have been using this only for a month and there's still a lot of space to explore. So far so good. If you are an android user let me know what apps you use!

Lockscreen: Dodol Locker
Launcher: Dodol Launcher

PS// I've been gone a whole month! YIKES! I will try hard to catch up on here~ It's so embarrassing that I even forgot to pay my hosting fee resulting on my blog being down for a week or more lol /gets slapped.
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  1. Your phone screens look really sleek, but I'm still a slave to my iPhone and all it's wonderful cases!

    Where in the UK are you moving to? I would guess London?
    If you are ever in the North of England let me know ;D


  2. Ms. Yapo could you please do a post on where you buy or suggest to buy winter clothes or winter essentials. Pretty please? :)

  3. Hi Paolara! So sorry but we are on the same boat on this one!
    I have yet to know what/where to shop this winter. So far I've copped a warm fuzzy black sweater from Primark LOL. and this cute black H&M parka from the charity store hahahahah

  4. Sami!!! Im staying currently here in Potters Bar! Hertfordshire heheh!
    I wish I still have my iPhone, I do miss my paid apps :)))
    VSCO on android is soo behind updates ;A;

  5. I missed your blog! Glad you're back! I've been looking forward to this post about your new phone. Hope you're doing great there in UK. :)

  6. Hello Yen! Nothing's for sure right now :3 I certainly would hope so but we'll see! So far UK's looking amazing to me!!

  7. Thank you Krista! Hehe. I am doing well, it's freezing and christmas is around the corner, bad time to do diets looool. Have a happy holidays!

  8. Also residing in the uk for christmas, ive been following your blog. :) im glad youre back. :)

  9. Woooow moving to UK?? how exciting :D
    It's nice you like your new android, I don't hear a lot about HTC these days, but I used to have one ages ago.
    Of course there's going to be some things on iPhone thats better than Android.
    Photo editing would be one for me hahaha, iphone had better apps xD and the camera was better than my Samsung, not sure about HTC's camera compared to iphone.

  10. HTC's camera is good too, fewer pixels but the focus and clarity is just as top notch as iPhone's. Although too bad for me, I got this really cheap cuz it has that camera issue (purple tint showing up on low light). But all is well since I have the casio cam :3
    Samsung looks soo good on mirror shots haha it really appeals to me and ofc wide arrange of cases too! Now im addicted to continuously customizing my homescreen!

  11. Damn, so envious of you, that you can get so many phones xD i only get a new one whever mine is broke, wich is every 2 years or so hahaha xD But android for me is definitely the best! :3

    and oh how has UK been so far? :)

  12. Where did you get the background picture?

  13. its from Line Deco, I edited the photo to match my taste XD

  14. Its really nice!!! :D (y)

  15. the name of the theme in dodol? I can not find :'c