Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dear Shoshi

The first friend I made here in UK! Haha! Shoshi and me have actually been in contact with each other for more than a year now through Instagram, exchanging comments and likes but I never thought that a time will come I will be able not just to meet him but also live under one roof for several days! He went here to London to meet other friends and visit his favorite shops. I obv wanted to go with him around but I don't have enough funds (currently a freeloader lol) and besides, I am struggling on winter style.
He's so kind and I am honestly very impressed with his english. We also talked about a looooot of stuff, and I really miss him now!! He's like a little brother to me haha! I wish we couldve spend more time!! He left me a lot of gifts! Which I think I will put on a separate post (LOL?)
In any case, I hope everyone had a good New Year. I slept through it~

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  1. he looks soooooooooo familiar!! ever time i saw a pic of you and him i thought, isn't he the guy from Tokyo fashion?? he's from Japan right??

  2. yes, shoshi is from Japan and you often see him on TokyoFashion ^____^

  3. you gurl look pretty and amazing always <3

  4. you both loook amazing! I've seen him come by on instagram a few times, his style is really awesome.