Monday, January 12, 2015

EOS Daisy Gray

EOS Daisy Grey
Ever since the Princess Pinky Eclipse Gray review, I've taken more liking in collecting more gray lenses! But we all know circle lenses can be a bit expensive specially for someone like me who don't really use them on daily basis. That's why I'm very grateful for PinkyParadise, cuz they never get tired of supporting my eye vanity needs

This time, I will be reviewing EOS Daisy Gray which is I think more subtle and tamed than my other grays. As expected from EOS they are totes comfortable on my eyes for a good 6hrs. Back in the day, I would wear lenses morning till night but now I'm kind of older, I grew very cautious on how long and till when I could wear them.
I might've said subtle but that's because they look more natural on me than my other circle lenses, however these are whopping 15mm in diameter so hey, I like my lenses natural looking and huge too.
EOS Daisy Grey
Lenses Information
Diameter: 15.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 9.0mm
Life Span: 1 Year Disposal
And oh, I also wanted to talk about the shipping! So usually it takes like a month for the lenses to reach me, that was in Philippines. But wow shipping here to UK only took 4 working days?!?! Like woaaah that's insane! I'm really impressed!

All in all it's nice to have a subtle looking lenses back in my make up table, while these are not my favorites, it's always nice to have options.
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  1. Nice! Grey looks great on you! Btw! I really love your septum piercing *-* I'm thinking for a long time to wear it >-<

  2. Hello hun! Thank you!
    and I think you should go for it (the septum piercing)
    tbh not a day goes by that i've regretted having this piercing! Goodluck~!

  3. Such lovely lenses, they look really good on you :D


  4. *u* always so kind~ thank you Sami!

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  6. 4 working days sounds like a dream come true ;-; the fastest i've ever had was a week. which is still pretty good i guess.
    The lenses look really nice on you!
    Your eyebrows thoooo *-*

  7. Thank you.. I have really poor eyebrow make up skill but im working on it hahaha XD

  8. *o* They are huge and so nice on you~!!

  9. pretty lenses *-* look so good on you!
    and where do you buy your septum piercings?

  10. wow the lenses look amazing on you! I always try to find out how the lenses would look like on natural blue eyes - because I think too much black in lenses look too sharp on natural blue eyes.

    your septum piercing is so pretty!!

  11. Thanks <3 I got mine just from eBay XD

  12. Thank you, they are my current fave ^_^

  13. cutie, these lenses look so good on youu = 3=