Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mood: Græy

From bottom to top: Geodesic Planter | The Dear Ones | Grid Minimal Eco Bag | Cat Nap Cocoon

One of the things that I'm grateful for ever since moving here was getting my own room(i was sharing with my cousin's room back in PH). It's small, narrow and the double size bed didn't really help giving me space to move around or add even a bedside table, but at least it's easier to clean! Also it's painted white so it helps with taking photos. Aaaaand I get to have my own private space where I can cocoon myself to rot and die. The full body mirror is a huge plus too (comes in white! C'est parfait~).

However small my current room is, it didn't stop me daydreaming (aka window shopping) about the possibilities how I can make it interesting for my eyes. I still have my window sill to fill at least! Haha. So after hours and hours of oogling at etsy, I was able to update my list with a lot of new stuff. Stuff I don't actually need (I dont even have a cat bahaha) but I need to have them nonetheless. Hence, this photo set. Yay, now i have them---on my blog. LOL

What do you fill your rooms with? Are you happy with how your room looks at the moment?
Do you even have your own room tho. (lol that didnt came out right)

PS//I miss my baby arachnids tremendously. I want to be back in the hobby as soon as I get employed.

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  1. You should buy a cat then :L If only that cocoon was human-size hahaha I hate my room, its full of blu tack on the wall from removing childish posters, I haven't gotten around to removing the blu tack because I'm lazy. I'd like to fill my walls with glow in the dark stars haha