Thursday, February 5, 2015

At Earl's Court

Once a month I’d go out to London after church. This time I visited Earl’s Court where it’s known for several Filipino restaurants and groceries. I took some photos when I can but it’s not a lot since I prefer to live in the moment. I should’ve bought more instant noodles but their prices was just too ridiculous for me huhu like for example, my usual Cream Silk hair conditioner cost 1.50 but they sell it for 4 pounds hahaha T.T Now I can understand Shoshi when he went to Japan Centre and was shocked he said it’s very expensive! But we are in London after all.

In any case I hope you will enjoy these photos~
You can always click on them if you want larger view!

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  1. Amazing amazing, it looks so calm there. Your look too - perfect! I hope this isn't odd to ask, do a lot of people there wear as much black as you do. Black everything is EVERYTHING <3

  2. A lot of people wear black, yes. This is why I can get away wearing all black even on church hahahha. Most ppl have black coats on colder seasons cuz the color easily goes with their outfit.

  3. You're photos are great! Also, please allow me to appreciate that jellyfish thing hanging from your bag. <3

  4. that jellyfish is cute!! and your photos are so pro! if you think london is expensive, come down here! haha well actually its probably about the same price too

  5. HAHAH thank you for noticing this little jellyfish. I made it myself~!

  6. I made the jellyfish haha thank you for noticing it XD
    Aaaaah tbh i shouldnt complain about the prices since these were imported and the tax here is big.. so yeah i think it justifies the price.
    I should be using the local products here if i want cheaper options. T^T however it is still shocking to discover the price mark ups haha