Sunday, February 1, 2015

Clean And Light

Recently I’ve been obsessing with this shop Bonjour Project. I really really dig their clean and basic take on clothing. Their codes somehow serves as a guide on how to style myself for winter. I kinda relate them to other brands such as COS, Low Classic, and & Other Stories, all of them caters to classic and timeless clothing that prioritizes comfort and structured functionality. Unfortunately I don’t think they ship to UK yet (KR based) but I know if their shop keeps on growing and be more known, this problem will soon be addressed!
So for the meantime, I’ve scoured Sheinside for some inspired items that is not only as appealing but also very light on the pocket.
Usually Sheinside is portrayed as a up-to-the-latest-trends kind of shop, and while that is true I’m also happy to present it in a completely different light. Although I know my current taste in clothing isn’t shared by most of my readers I’m content to just share the love! So what do you think?

Turtle-neck grey dress//Woolen coat in grey//Cotton pleated skirt//Grid sweater in beige and navy blue

Loose black high neck pullover//Black pleated skirt//Long Black Coat//Platform heels// Naivete short sleeved pullover//Black grid pants//Black button up shirt with layer//Treated leather shoulder bag//

I also tried my luck and applied as a blogger affiliate, if everything goes well I might get sponsored by them! I hope you can help me out. Just kindly click the links if you think they are interesting. That's it.

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  1. love so much the items you shared! I just cliked all the links ♡

  2. This means so much to me, thank you! :)

  3. Good luck on on getting the sponsorship, they are quiet reasonable with it and you already meet the requirements :D I like the clothes that you gathered, my favourite would have to be the pants.

  4. So simple and stylish ~ I really like the grid sweaters :D

    and best of luck with the sponsorship, your blog is great so i'm sure you will have no problems!

    ❤ Little Owl's Diary

  5. thank you I hope I can be accepted ~.~ I've barely made it to their requirements so im crossing my fingers :3

  6. the grid sweaters' my fave too ^-^
    And thank you dear for the encouraging words!