Sunday, February 8, 2015

LAGC 2015

[IMG HEAVY]Hello~ Reporting today for LAGC (London Anime and Gaming Convention) Sunday edition!! This is my first time attending anime con here in England. It has been a tradition for me to visit at least one con every time I stay in a different country for long. I think it’s because cons are generally interesting and the warmth of people you share same interests with transcends my anti-social self. For me it is a home away from home.
I’m very lucky to be able to be granted a press pass this time! However since there is a LLSIF event (Love Live) I was forced to cut my visit shorter than what I’ve planned.
But I took as much as photos as I’ve liked to share it with you guys!

We have here the usual kawaii shops that caters to our anime merchandise needs. I saw a really cute Kaonashi necklace that I liked for only 7 pounds but I was hesitant to get it. I kinda regret it now but at least I took the shop's business card!

Bunch of Kaonashisssss. I am so tempted to hoard but the Kaonashi plush I have is enough for me~ haha!

They have 2 stage for panels, talks, and performances~ (first floor and second floor) Both have simultaneous programs so there's never a dull moment! Another place I liked inside is a cosplayer lounge where people can sit down and take a rest and idle if a bit tired of going around. They also have this movie room where I watched 2 episodes of Ah My Goddess before I went out cuz I'm hungry lol

Fave con goers! Mostly girls in cute kogal outfits in black hoho~ I honestly think there were more amazing cosplays around but my preference are more onto fashion rather than cosplay. Weird I know. But I just realized this haha!

Major kudos to the organizers and their sponsors. I hope overtime LondonAnimeCon will continue to expand and success! Until next con~

***off to play LoveLive

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  1. They are so cute to stare at!!

  2. I love going to cons but i also hate it because it makes me practically homeless lol! there's so many cute goodies at cons and it just feels like you'll never ever ever have another chance to buy stuff like that anywhere else. hahaha those cat plushies have got my dying and the person with an onigiri bag haha!

  3. This looks like a lovely convention! :D
    I want those No Face plushies hehe


  4. LOL noticed that guy with the kawaii bag as well hahaha too moe!! And that's true about shops, so nice to go home with a loot of con goodies!!

  5. It is! The people are so kind and friendly.. The atmosphere is very warm~ I hope to attend a bigger con this summer at Hyper Japan!

  6. Wowowow! This con reminds me a lot of the cons in the Philippines ;o; except they have better features like the pannels and the resting area *__* seems like a lot of fun though!!

    and the cosplayers are really cute too ;o;!!

  7. Not the biggest con I've been to but sure is organized and warm all the same! :D
    Yeah I miss our cons in Philippines ~.~

  8. ahh! yes! ;_; a warm community is the best thing about a con!! ;o;
    If they're not crowded yeah haha I'm with you ;o; <3