Saturday, February 21, 2015

Miss BowBow

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Like most conscious girly asians, I have eyelid insecurities too! And I’ve tried a lot of different kinds of eyelid enlarging products such as tapes, glues, and fibers..
There are, of course, some problems~
For eyelid tape, they are visible when worn.
For eyelid glues, poke your eyelids every time.
For eyelid fibers, need scissors. MEH.
So even tho they get the job done, I’m still on a lookout for something that will ease my daily discomfort and struggles on my make-up routine with the said products.
It’s a good thing I heard about Ms. BowBow! It’s been around for years but I only get to read a review about it last year. And I had to wait till my eyelid tape from Etude House ran out. I quickly ordered these from eBay for 12 pounds. It’s quite expensive tbh but it’s worth it!

The packaging is really cute, right? It’s a very well thought of product if I say so myself~A short instruction on how to use them is provided on the back panel— if you can read Chinese. If not, don’t despair. It’s quite self explanatory anyway haha.

Inside you can find 7 sheets of the eyelid “lace", glue/spirit gum, tweezers, transparent film that serves as the tray.
Basically, you take the lace out lay it on the tray film and spread glue over it, once semi-dry you put it on your eyelids using the tweezers. If you are an experienced eyelid tape user, the placement is no longer a problem but if you’re still a beginner, it won’t hurt to practice first.
So what makes this product better?
Well on a closer look, instead of a regular tape, we use a thin lace that helps the visibility appear more subtle while the half-moon shape helps to create maximum eyelid enlargement and the use of spirit gum seals the deal cuz it can last for days if you don’t remove it. You can also put make up over it and it would still look invincible. Removing them is surprisingly easy too, just wipe firmly with make-up remover and off they go~

See? I don’t have to sell my soul to Satan for an easier way to create impressive eyelids. I don’t have to worry if people are staring at my eyelid tape when talking to me. I don’t even have to answer “You have something on your eyes”.
Lastly, I don’t need to pressure myself for an eyelid surgery.

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  1. I have really hooded eyelids so I can totally empathize~ Definitely will check these out they done an amazing job :)

  2. You look like a gorgeous dead doll *u* totally love you and your makeup! The review is really interesting, even if I have the eyelid I'm always really curious about these products!

  3. Never heard of this brand before but wow you can't even tell you're wearing them! Amazing *3*

  4. This is so nice bb huhu I wish we had this in 2010 during the peak of gyaru! Haha I remember how annoyed I would get each time someone tries to brush the tape off of my eye like it's something that wasn't plastered there on purpose lol :)) Anyhoo, great review and your make up looks really nice bb <3

  5. im glad they impressed you somehow. Let me know what you think of them once you've tried it!

  6. mas mahaba parin hair mo ;) miss you :*

  7. ahhh thank you ;; my make up is really simple but i like it dark LOL.
    i grew so dependent on eyelid tapes because my monolids arent even so it's hard to do my eye make so consistently~

  8. heh im glad they impressed you. I'm sure this is one of my holy grail products now until i find a cheaper alternative! Thanks for dropping by~!

  9. Being asian sounds tough, haha. Although I actually think my eyes could use something like this as well? It would be nice to have bigger visible eyelids. ;___;

    You look great, btw! ♥

  10. waaaa bb are you back blogging? cuz if yes, I'll put up your link on my blogroll!!!

    Now that you've mentioned it, it's such a shame I can't use this product with my old eye make style (gyaru) haha. Maybe I can try one day if sinipag XD lolol
    Thank you for dropping by again. Lost so many readers when I went on a long long hiatus now I have to build up again from scratch T^T

    I really want to return to those old times when blogging was such a rewarding feeling. Im slowly getting there so Im excited that you're back blogging as well. <3

  11. ahaha it can be tough but tbh i find it fun as well(??)

    the thing about bigger eyelids is ofcourse to showcase the eye make up even more or appear younger as big doe eyes somehow relates to innocence and purity or something in those lines. Altho monolids has it own charms too!

  12. Omg hearing about this brings me back to the good old days when I followed gyaru (but never considered myself as one). I really want to try this and see if it would make a difference but i heard it was sort of expensive?

  13. yes it's a bit expensive haha. i've been holding back so much before buying these XD

  14. YAPOO It's so good! Your eyes though with or without look so lovely. & that hair style, love it!

  15. Yes bb, thank you! <3 And of course I still follow your posts! I just wasn't as active on Disqus these past few months :S I'm slowly trying to get back into blogging too and I hope we can both gain more motivation soon :S I hope it doesn't end up feeling like a chore for you like it did for me a few years ago 'cause you're still one of my few favorite bloggers bb~ I wish you the best and I hope you're having a blast in the UK <3

    Sending my love from Manila :) xx

  16. wow, the effect is really impressive!! i personally don't need this kind of products, but i recommended this post to a friend who's been using eyelid tape previously and has been struggling with it :D
    thanks for the post!

  17. that's true, blogging shouldnt be a chore but something we enjoy doing <3 Just blog about stuff you are most excited sharing ^_____^ I'll be waiting for your posts! Added your link oredi bb.

  18. aaaaah thank you Viivi~ I really appreciate it!
    I hope your friend will find this useful, it really is a miracle worker haha!

  19. OMG! The results of this looks ridiculously amazing! I love that you put this up because by the end of the day, my eyelid tape is full of oil and smeared mascara and eyeliner. Does this last you all day?

    Ah, I'm definitely going to purchase these when I get off from work. I'm super excited to try them out!

  20. yes, im positive it can stay on for all day. Spirit gum is reliable <3
    I hope you will like it :D

  21. The effect is impressing and you look gorgeous!
    I never gave these glues or anything big thought because my eyes are naturally rather big and I have double-eyelids... It's really interesting to read about this kind of things, though. :)

    I'm happy you found a good way to get an effect you like without worrying about the tape or anything beside that.
    I personally think that monolids look really great, too...
    but in the end your personal happiness is the first priority and I hope you can take this as a simple complient and it won't make you angry that I said something like that in my first comment on your blog, haha ;u;

  22. ahaha no worries!!! Thank you so much for the compliments <3 I'm truly honored :3

    i'd like to apologize for a while ago i was editing my layout when you dropped your comment you might've seen some bugs on my blog XD but its all fixed nau~! hope you drop by again♡