Friday, February 27, 2015


[Sponsored Post]Thanks to everyone who helped me back on my Sheinside collage post!! I managed to get approval from them and sent me two clothing to show you guys. But I haven’t received the other one yet so let’s just start with this one.

Quilted Black Leather Coat | SheInside
I chose this because I terribly lack outers for Winter and I’d like to apologize for the white specks on the photo lol i wear so much black that dusts in the mirror are showing up sharply XD
I got size medium so that I can layer inside, since I get cold very easily. And it's proper decent quality, although if I got to see this at a physical store first, I'll have second thoughts because of leather quality on sleeves and its awkward fit on my shoulders. Other than that it’s warm for the material, I really adore the length and volume it gives my figure.
Shipping duration is also good, took about two weeks.


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  1. I love this coat~ It's nice looking.

  2. Woah, the coat looks super comfortable and cool as well!

  3. Like that style of coat! You look so cute and cozy!

  4. oooh thank you.. i do like to feel cocooned inside large coats :3

  5. The coat suits you so well~ I love your hair btw! <3

  6. so nice! i've been eyeing this coat and like many other coats on sheinside hahaha! congrats on being approved haha :D

  7. wont be possible w/o your help <3 <3
    Thank you!!!

  8. yay thank you Catherine!!! *u*