Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gugure! Kokkuri-San | 繰繰れ!コックリさん

I added a new category on my blog; Anime. LOOOOL but it’s empty! And since I promised myself to be an active blogger I decided to speak whatever floats my boat.. And also to pay homage to my unspoken love for anime. Well, tbh I’m just a casual anime viewer but even so! I think we can all agree that anime has taught us a lot of things and they are ones that are with us when times get tough rough on the rocks~
But I’m not just going to talk about random anime that I watched. I’d rather give the spot light to my favorites. Although I’d rather keep it short since all I want to do is give an intro and talk mainly about how I feel.

Let’s start off with nothing else but Gugure Kokkuri-San! I’d put it in the genre of Slice Of Life and Fantasy. I didn’t know I’d end up loving this series because I kinda rushed watching it, like maybe overnight and a half day-ish. I just needed something light and neutralizer from watching Parasyte: The Maxim. But I ended up loving this show more than Parasyte!

Gugure Kokkuri-San is a light humored show revolving on a small girl named Kohina. She has a bob hair. and I just realized this but if there’s a fetish category for megane, then there should also be for bob-haired girls because I can’t get enough of them LOL.
Anyway this show has a lot of references from other shows that I really enjoy seeing and it is satisfyingly hilarious.. Some stuff that I’ve spotted are Dragon Ball Z, E.T. Movie (see gif above), Star Wars (?!?!), Inuyasha, possibly many more. The situations and settings are outlandishly weird but for some reason the frustrations of the characters are so relatable.

Another thing I loved about this anime is the addicting Opening Song, like I always skip those parts when watching anime but not this one! It grew on me and even after watching the series, I’d go to youtube to listen to it~! The voice actors are also the ones who sang it so WTF lol this is the first time I’ve seen something like that. I was even willing to buy it on iTunes japan but my debit card won’t work ehehe~

What really touched my kokoro is the ending.. I won’t talk about it in details but you know, I came to watch light humor so I was expecting to leave the show with a smile on my face, although it delivered, there is a sad tug on my heart for the unseen background story that is happening.

Sometimes life proves to be all fun and games, however looking at the bigger picture the presence of suffering and loneliness are there too. Life can be cruel after all. It doesn’t mean we have to endure it w/ a heavy heart, instead we try to ease it by laughing it off, or appreciating the people around us or being grateful for the good things. And why not? Life goes on anyway~ it’s too short not to treasure every moment.

So much feels for a comedic anime? The message is very subtle on the show, and is quite subjective but it was the piece I picked up and learned.

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  1. I've been watching gugure kokkuri-san! and parasyte too *^* i LOVE Kohina.

  2. I saw scenes and gifs from this anime on tumblr and always wondered what it all was about... turns out it's pretty interesting.
    There are so many animes I wanted to watch in my spring break already and I didn't get to do any of this yet (which is super frustrating because the break is nearly over)... but maybe I'll add this one too, at least to try it for a couple of episodes.

  3. HEHE parasyte's current episodes are pretty intense.. what do you think will happen to Migi?

  4. even the first episode is worth the shot, from there you can already decide if it's up your alley or not ^_^ good luck catching up on animes haha take your time and savor!

  5. Mh I don't really know, it depends if they decide to follow the manga ending or if they decide to follow another way.. :/

  6. woaaa I am so tempted to read the manga but when I do I usually don't watch the anime anymore ~.~

  7. I had seen pictures, but really have not watched the anime, now they have made me want to see it ...> w <!! thank you very much for visiting my blog, is impresionte yours !! Much Much love your style!

  8. I've seen pictures of that girl and I think you had her as your "profile pic" before on your blog ? or somewhere... hahahaha! xD I'm trying to catch up to One Piece right now but I really want to watch a lot of other animes... I just feel like I don't have the time because I'm just so focused on One Piece. Maybe I just have shit time management LOL

  9. Gugure kokkuri san is always on my tumblr feed xDDD I need to get round to watching it!

    Your blog is soooo cute and i'm a anime fan too~ :DD
    Would you like to follow each other? ^^

  10. I think it's worth your time to check it out ^_^

  11. I quite agree, I can't move to the next anime when I'm focused on a show too!
    Yes! I had her as a picture here haha I claimed her as my mascot and edited her clothes to all black /gets shot

  12. Michellee CheungMar 26, 2015, 6:16:00 AM

    Your welcome~ omg you're more attractive! Im in love with your style <3 Followed you back ^__^