Friday, March 6, 2015

Instagram Favorites

I thought maybe I will talk a little about the people I follow for this month’s fave IG people. So sorry if this series is still a bit inconsistent as it is in its early stages lol. View last month's favorite by clicking here.

A photo posted by 녕이옷장 (@nyeong_ott) on

She is a model for a korean webshop and i find her hair and make up to be so cute and youthful. I also love how she carries baggy clothes w/o being boring and uninteresting.
A photo posted by リセ (@r_is_e) on

I feel like I see myself in her because we both like to dress monotone and most of the time we don’t have someone to take photos of us so we make us of what we have. mirror shots and selfies. LOL #bloggerproblems
A photo posted by @y.k.k on

She is a style inspiration for me. I also love her cute face that is both simple and youthful! Also she replies when I comment so I feel like we’re already friends even just on instagram lolol.
A photo posted by Wing.H😼😸 (@wanling.h) on

Another style inspiration to me~
I hated converse since high school but thanks to her I might actually buy my first pair! Just so I can have something in common with her! Haha that’s how I love her style and aesthetic.
A photo posted by @henrybae on

A gem to me! In a short span of time, he's got me obsessed over him (not in a creepy way!haha) I look up to Henry so much. I love his humor, his writing skills and ofc his instagram videos! And to prove how much I vouch for his IG here is a video of him dancing to Spice Girls.
A video posted by @henrybae on

That's it for this month's IG Favorites, as usual feel free to drop your own ig favorites so I may check them out too! And thank you for reading~!

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  1. You're on my instagram favourites (///ω///)

  2. asdfghjkl *u* thank you~~~~~ so shy XDDD

  3. I didn't know that converse could look sooo cool (well...I hated them like you) , but now I might be getting a pair too! hahaha Love your faves , especially @r_is_e ! :3

  4. I'm always happy to see your IG favorites *u* thank you so much for the inspirations!

  5. OMG you have a blog?!?!?!?

    You're my first follow!!!!

    People don't blog anymore, it's a shame. But now I've found one at least!

    ^^ you're sweet. thanks for the nice words T^T
    i'm always here to be a supportive iFriend.

  6. just found your blog, love it! :D love the layout. and thanks for sharing these instagram profiles, i didnt know them ^^

    and omg he commented :o

  8. LOL im glad im not alone!!!
    So happy to know you find someone interesting on my list XD r_is_e is really cool girl.
    Do you have an ig favorite too?

  9. Thank you! I'm even more glad to know you are enjoying my picks ^_^

  10. haha i used to neglect my blog but im starting to be active again!
    I agree, most of my blogging friends ceased writing anymore T^T
    But I want to bring back good old days of happy blogging hehe. so happy you dropped by my blog XD im not worthy!

  11. thank you for complimenting my layout ehehe. yours is more amazing and omg that photography too!! :O :O

  12. He has a loooot more entertaining vid on his IG haha. He has a blog too XD XD

    i was fangirling for 2 days when he commented nyhahaha

  13. All of them have something unique tbh~.
    I really like @kinashen on instagram. I loveee her hair and outfits :3.

  14. This series sounds like a lot of fun!
    I actually can't decide who are my favorite people on IG too, which is why I constantly postpone to talk about that on my blog (eventhough I planned to do it for some time now)... finding another way like introducing people or just sharing favorite photos is pretty cool, actually.
    I especially like how much inspiration for almost anything you can get, give and share on IG. :D