Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I received a beautiful necklace from Cindy Leper all the way from Italy just last week. I couldn’t contain my happiness because it’s just SO splendid!! But before anything else, let us get to know more about the brand, shall we?

CINDY LEPER is an independent jewelry brand focused on handmade one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces. My aim is to conjugate the italian artisanal tradition of my family and a modern dark, edgy aesthethics.
Simple and clean geometries, black and white, dark fine wood essences, unusual industrial and organic materials (both upcycled and ethically sourced) are the main components of my work.
Inspiration and research for product making includes: ethnography, dark fashion, architecture, cultural studies, folk studies, underground culture.
I’ve studied Anthropology and I’m fascinated by symbolic and ritual meanings of adornment. I like playing with the opposites and sincretism: primitive/contemporary, natural/artificial, folk/pop.
All materials are ethically sourced and must reach top quality standards to be used and transformed. All the wood I use is reclaimed or comes from FSC sustainable market. All bones are found in the woods or at least bought from a trusted source, and professionally cleaned.
This is my actual job and I put every effort in it, with love and passion for details. My previous experience in independent underground music publishing and graphic design taught me to think every product as a whole: idea, research, design, quality, fine materials and packaging are equally essential to me.
What you get is a contemporary amulet, made with care and love.

I’m always happy to receive wearable works of art from independent makers because there is a sense of security that it’s unique in the whole wide world. And wouldn’t we want something exclusive only to us once in a while?

The packaging is superb in all aspects, it came in an origami folded black paper and inside is wrapped in genuine leather. I kept the leather because it would be a waste to throw it away~ I enjoy the dark fantasy atmosphere it yields to the wearer.

Full Moon from Opposites Collection
"But it is called "Opposites" for one more reason: the whole collection plays with the Opposites as a concept. Duality, ambivalence, the two sides of the same coin, call it as you want, is one of the most important and, for me, fascinating aspects of life."

It has magnet closure so I don't need to fuss over closing them when I'm in a hurry. The hold is pretty strong too and wouldn't come off unless it's yanked off your neck by force or if you remove them intentionally.

Find Cindy Leper on
F A C E B O O K | S H O P | I N S T A G R A M
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  1. Omg, the product and the packaging is amazing! I think I'm in love with the packaging <333 How do you always manage to find all these awesome accessories?? X3

  2. oh wow I love that magnetic clasp! i always break my clasps since im so clumsy with them so that would be so perfect for me ! <3

  3. You were so cute in the last photo, hahaha. <3

  4. You always get the most amazing accessories, and I just love the whole feel of their packaging

  5. you're so pretty~ and that necklace is so beautiful I love the simplicity of it defiantly really suits you :D

    Sindy xx

  6. It's such a beautiful necklace <3. I totally love it!

  7. The necklace looks simple yet so cool and the packaging is superb as you said <3

  8. Necklace is amazing! Such a lovely


  9. I didn't know this brand even if I'm italian ahahah eveyrthing is so wonderful *__* I'm in love with the necklace! It fits your style greatly and you look fabulous as always!

  10. Hi! I followed you, could you follow me back? thank you!
    anyway you look so cute. ^^

  11. I like the packaging so much too~ it's very well thought of indeed.
    The crafts maker from Cindy Leper found me-I think.. From making reviews for Macabre Gadgets.

  12. True, I have this problem too. magnetic closures perfectly solves this problem :D

  13. ahaha I'm glad to hear that, thank you so much!

  14. Thank you Sindy, always appreciate your lovely feedback :)

  15. I'm happy you like it! Thank you so much Sou!

  16. It is! I really dig the clean and minimal design of the necklace :)
    Thank you so much Caydence <3

  17. Ahahaha
    Hope you give time to check them out
    They have a lot of amazing products (my personal favorite is Half-Moon)
    ..And thank you!!! So honored to hear this compliment from you :'D

  18. Thanks Minjung~ I have followed back ^_^

  19. Awww *V* The jewelry looks great on top of a white sweater *V*

  20. Argh so perfect!!! <3
    I also understand that feeling of having something exclusive~ I need to hunt down more independent sellers!
    The necklace is soooooooo gorgeous!! But.. hahaha the magnet closure reminds me of this dolphin necklace I had when I was 10 which had a magnet closure but there would be two magnets on one end and one of them would light the dolphin up while the other one doesn't.
    How cool would it be if that moon thingy would light up too? Haha!!

  21. Oh, I live Italy and I never heard of them! BTW I think this necklace is soo unique and really fits your style :x

  22. The packaging is super cool and the necklace - don't get me started on that!
    It looks super amazing and fits so perfectly. I'm really impressed and baffled how unique it is and wow... it goes just so well with your styling and everything x3x

  23. i wish i looked cute with septum my nose is too flat for it!! :-(