Sunday, April 5, 2015

Instagram Favorites

I can’t believe it’s been three months since I started blogging about my IG Faves! I really love instagram and I wish I always have the best photos to upload and not disappoint everyone who follows me ~.~
Without further ado, here is my April IG Favorites

I follow for her illustrations. She has a cute and relax drawing style that i like. I also love the expressions of her drawings. She motivates me to draw even little by little. I don't have to be good at it but I want to find my own style whereas I can draw confidently.
A photo posted by タミー (@sleepyberrys) on

Love her travel pics and style! My favorite thing on her closet is probably that Yohji backpack, hah!
A photo posted by ㅇㄱ (@aimaoooo) on

Here is something a bit different but she’s one of my faves all the same. Her cute face and vibe is just too much to resist. Browsing on her ig, she has a selfie w/ Ayumi Seto and I must say she’s a threat lol cause her face is Zipper quality lolol
A photo posted by Mae (@infrontofapple) on

A fashion student at Parsons. I love his aesthetic and his dedication to his works. I am unsure of his sexual orientation (not that it matters, I have a crush on him either way hahaha!).
A photo posted by M O B I U - J I N ▪️◾️◼️ (@mobiujin) on

He has amazing feed and style as well. But what I really look forward to is his gallery posts. He likes visiting galleries and share photos as well as outdoor shoots. This guy has serious photography aesthetic as well that goes so good w/ his clothing style it’s almost visual poetry.
A photo posted by @lokjaii on

This concludes my April IG faves. Once again please let me embed @henrybae’s latest video on instagram lol I featured him on last month’s article but this latest update is too gold not to share with you guys.
A video posted by @henrybae on

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  1. the sleepyberrys illustrations are so cute!

  2. mobiujin has stolen my heart now ahaha! I love his style :D

  3. i always look forward to her new drawings :3

  4. right? hahaha
    he's amazing XD

  5. lol im glad you like them!!!

  6. heyyy ♡

    I have a v v cute omighty giveaway on my blog, please check it out heheee ღ

  7. I love your IG favorite updates - always makes me want to follow more people. There are way too many inspirational people out there and I'm just sitting here like a goldfish, hahaha
    Maybe I could share my favorites on my blog, someday, too... it looks so fun :D

  8. I would definitely love to read about your instagram faves!! I am so curious and nosey about it LOL
    It's fun! I cant wait!!!

  9. HAHAHAHA omg i watched that video like 10 times
    omg infrontofapple is so bae, she makes me want to start bleaching my hair again even though i'm in a depressing process of slowly going back to black

  10. LOLOL glad you like the video XD
    Yeah infrontofapple is max kawaii I crave for her ig updates haha like come on let me see an imperfect view but there's NONE. She's goals! And she pulls off black roots so cute as well wtf it's not right haha!

    waaaa don't be so depressed Take it as a challenge? I'm here to join you at the dark side haha.. I have a feeling that it will suit you.. I'm excited lol I don't think I've seen you w/ dark hair color yet! This should be interesting. I'll cross my fingers for you :3