Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Instagram Favorites

It’s that time of the month again where I share my instagram favorites, haha! There is just no end to my list =.= And tbh I just keep finding more and more.. Even though I’ve been inactive myself there lately.. But yeah I hope you find something interesting in this month’s list!

*u* i can’t stop going back and fro to her ig account. I am swept away w/ her cool style. I actually patterned my cut from her but a bit longer haha so I can still hide my chubby cheeks lmao. She and her boyfriend are fun to watch, tho they are more active on twitter.

As usual I’m a sucker for all black curated instagram and her style and feed well interprets my goals: outdoor, exploration, all black!
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I have new found respect for cosplay make up. I’m a huge fan of manipulative make up style where artists go the extra mile to bend the rules that their physical appearance restricts them. Much like Drag Queen make up I love the extremities and the effort to make fantasy come to life. I think Aishizaya perfectly portrays that.
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Like I said before, though I am devoted all black fan, I still enjoy observing other’s aesthetic and personal style. I’ve been following her for 2years now and her updates never fail to amuse me and thus fall for her even more so!!
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The girl who started it all for me ;;
Without her I wouldn’t be who I am today~ Why I say this? I think it’s because she’s the one who inspired me to get into dressing all-black. Learning from her I think I have a good foundation haha!
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There goes my list for this month.. I’d like to know who are your instagram favorites too   I’d like to put on more variety to faves so we’ll see again next month. Thanks for reading  ♡

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  1. Love all of them!!! They are sooo super cool! Same here! I'm a sucker for black fashion too! But then again I love pastel and bold candy fashion looks too!


  2. More people for me to stalk on instagram yissss :D...

  3. Nice post! I'm following you on instagram now :D

  4. OOOOOOOOO that cosplayer tho *-*

    juan9ann is adorable! my hair colour goals <3

  5. if we're talking abt all black/health goth then mine has to be plaaastic!! tho im pretty sure u must have heard of u before xx

  6. I've been actually following Aishizaya for a while now too and it's just breathtaking, isn't it? I'm always impressed when I see a new photo! (ノ)´∀`(ヾ)