Wednesday, July 15, 2015

HyperJapan 2015

[IMAGE HEAVY] So stoked to blog about my first experience at HyperJapan that happened at the O2 Stadium here in London. I went to the last day which is Sunday.. Even if I had to queue for an hour, all the frustration built up was gone the moment I entered the hall.. It was just pure enjoyment and happiness to be able to bask in jculture once again!! Cannot express how much I’ve been looking forward to this! I obviously missed a lot of events that happened the previous days but anyway, let’s focus on the good things!

There are still lots of happening here, Bonsai exhibitions, food exhibitions, traditional music, kimono exhibits.. etc.. I’m quite overwhelmed so I just took pictures of what I can.. 80% I’m just spacing out in bewilderment while walking around..

I was starving but I know I wouldn't be able to eat a lot of food so I went with something not too light but not heavy! I saw some awesome Onigiris and a milktea booth so making decisions aren't that hard.. ^_^

The black cement flooring is very agreeable with my aesthetic lmao..!
TBH I think there are more lolitas than cosplays haha. So I kinda went crazy taking pictures of them.

Some pleasing cosplays and jFashion I bumped into!!

I also chanced upon the Jrock band Vaniru that day and even though it was my first time hearing any of the songs they were actually all catchy and good..!
But what I really came after this event is to finally meet Moga and the rest of Dempagumi Idol group! I just had to see their beauty with my own eyes! And I regret to admit (regret cuz part of me wishes they’re not that perfect) but they are freaking flawless.. What you see is truly what you get NO LESS.
What more is that I manage to give Moga my phone and she took a selfie in it. IM SO HAPPY!! That’s like, everything I could ever asked for!! I believe we’ll be airing on J-MELO this August on NHK World.. Tho Im happy, i’m kind of not looking forward to that because I’m
derp as fuck.
Moga Mogami
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  1. Nice photos, I hadn't seen bonsai there before! I guess it's a bit different every year. I used to go when I lived in Europe.

  2. omggg such a huge event! i'm jelly! but i guess it's more of mixed of everything japan, right? no specific point or theme? i miss going to japanese event ;;; it's always either something came up last minute, i'm too busy, or none never tell me any event is going on hahah


  3. waaaah *___* this event look so cooool!
    And you are so so cute <3 want to meet you in person

  4. haha I thought I'd get lost too cuz I went alone but I just followed the crowd uhuhu.. Yeah next time will be this Oct or Nov..I think? Not sure! But you let me know if you're going because I'd love to see you!!

    Im wearing EOS Daisy Grey :D it's my fave lenses currently! (i dont own any else hahah)

  5. Yeah I believe they put on something new to keep everything fresh and unexpected from time to time. :3

  6. Yeah anything under the sun that is Japan related haha!
    haha I get you, when I moved here, my priority was go to tattoo cons but I always get left out! I dont know where to look for such events.. and by the time I know it it's already past ><

  7. aaaaah thanks I would love to meet you in person as well!!!

  8. This event looked so cool ;; Wish we had such amazing stuff in my country as well haha~ It's a bit of everything there! <3

  9. Yeah it's in Nov, from 27th-29th :D I'm most likely going since I missed this one, but I'll definitely hit you up when I've decided on a date ^^

    I've been searching for light grey lenses for so long, but haven't had any luck bc my eyes are so dark -.- But these look great on you :)

  10. Omgggg looks so cool!! *-* i spot some sailormoon stuff~ <3
    The lolitas are so pretty!! and i've never seen mature women lolitas before, they look so adorable :3

  11. Oh my gosh I didn't realise you were at HJ! And on the same day I was as well~ Dammit! ;_; Maybe next time ^^

    im happy that you are still alive after hahaha <3