Tuesday, September 29, 2015

International London Tattoo Convention

[IMAGE HEAVY] So I make it a thing that every year I attend at least one tattoo convention and this year, since I’m lucky enough to be in London, I decided to check out the International London Tattoo Convention that was held in Tobacco Dock..
The venue looked like a dungeon, with all the metal gates, tunneled rooms and dark alleys.. So to say, I think it’s the perfect place! Very spacious halls that accommodated the heavy crowd easily~
Organizers should be very proud because the whole event is very very organized, too organized if I dare say so myself..

For some reason I felt kind of uneasy roaming and taking pictures… Hmm I don’t know how to put this in words but maybe there wasn’t enough spirit and ambiance to fill the halls.. I think it’s because the approach is kind of formal. Past tattoo cons I’ve been everyone was more out going and loose, friendly and warm.. Here, while everyone was kind, polite, and all-smiles, I guess they are kind of reserved..(Not enough alcohol? lmao) Or probably since it’s already a Sunday, everyone’s just tired.. (Some even refused to be photographed! In a con! Are you serious!)

More than anything it felt like it’s some business and not a celebration of tattoo lifestyle and unity of huge diversities for skin art. Cheesy, yes, but I think that’s why I keep coming back to tattoo cons.
One reason I think is because of the frequency of tattoo cons here in England. Everybody’s kind of taken it for granted except for newbie goers..

Having said all that, I still had fun.. I discovered a lot of great artists, drooled over amazing prints, got tons of free stickers, saw lots of amazing people and wished I wasn’t so broke to actually get a tattoo.. Yeah it was still worth my while!
I managed to buy some souvenirs from the event though which was a new thing, usually I try not to spend on anything eheheh but I liked this shirt from a tattoo shop and the official shirt & bag of the con, so why not..!

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