Monday, October 19, 2015

GEO White Lens

Back from an unexpected hiatus is my lenses review for LensFlavors' GEO White Lens w/ black outer rim! This is my first time to try a really bold design that is more suited for Halloween and Cosplays rather than everyday dolly look (except for the sclera!), so I went a bit out of my comfort zone here to pull it off.

Geo white lens
I personally think I need not to compare how these look in contrast with my natural eye because it's extremely obvious haha. They are thicker than normal lenses so don't freak out when you can feel them on your eyes, they do take a while before you can get used to them. After that it's like your wearing normal ones and you'd forget about them until they start drying, so make sure you have them handy eyedrops with you for quick relief!
(Click photos for higher resolution!)Another thing is enlargement, do not expect any enlarging effect on this one because it's not gonna happen babe. I'm a bit disappointed as well but sure enough it was listed on the info that these are 14.2mm only which is probably ok to make it more comfortable with the eyes, since the color is fucking opaque, like really vivid white. I was really taken a back with the effect haha mostly cause I wear only grey ones or dark ones then suddenly this super unforgiving white color. It will serve your purpose well if you want to shock people or achieve a desired look.

Lens Information:
Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Usage: 1 year disposal
Includes: One pair of lenses and one macaron lens case

Over all it's a satisfying halloween lens and LensFlavors was very kind to include little gifts and a sweet note as a thank you~ I'd definitely go and check out their wider selection of lenses!

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