Friday, November 6, 2015

ACNL Update

Aside from work one of the biggest reasons why I was gone/painfully inactive for some months is because of Animal Crossing: New Leaf (GASP). I had to let go of all the other games I was playing as well. LoveLive, Touken Ranbu, Cytus, etc.. All thrown out the window to make way for Animal Crossing. I suck at game time management, ok? Also it’s like I found everything I needed in this little world. I refused to see friends, refused to dress up make myself pretty, refused good sponsorship offers, piled up sponsored posts, locked myself in a dark room and just disappear (apart from the occasional struggle of updating my twitter and ig).
Next thing I knew 2015 is almost over and everyone has moved forward while I’m still here, clutching my 3ds.. Was it worth it though? YES! (Haha, not really! But I am having fun)

So, um, for what its worth, here are what’s up recently!

I got the new 3ds! As for my old one, I got the 2nd copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf as well, so I could like have 2 towns for petitions, moving villagers, or basically just so I avoid socializing with other acnl players as much as possible. LOL

I had to reset my first town, Mordor, it was for test run anyway, to play w/o worrying of anything. But my current main town, Mushishi, I have planned it meticulously and am currently collecting dreamies. This stage is the most time consuming out of everything else, boring too but I shall see it through. I’ve been in this stage for 3 months now, and 2 more villagers away from completing my list! But after this will be my favorite part, landscaping. Much dedication such hardwekrr

Managed to complete the fossil museum
Managed to pass 4 Gracie Fashion Check and expanded my T.I.Y. to T&T Emporium (which is the final upgrade!)
Managed to earn two villager pictures! Henry’s and Cherry’s, I have a feeling Genji’s next :P
Produced a massive amount of hybrid pink roses only to give them all away since it doesn't match the theme I'm going for~
Earned golden tools!
Helped few people to hold their items for them while they reset their towns (good deed of the day haha).
Plot reset all day everyday =.=

I did a lot more but these are the most memorable ones so far! Aaaaand this post won't be complete without funny and random screenshots I took throughout the months. Haha.

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