Wednesday, November 4, 2015


[Sponsored Post]So I don’t know but I have this thing in my head where I want to hoard a lot of coats for winter just because I feel like I’m still not so familiar with every kind and I just want to learn which is for what. But coats are so fucking expensive. Last winter I only had 2 coats to get me through the season, and while that’s actually enough (since I only wear black ones anyway), I’m not satisfied.. I guess I’m just looking for the perfect one? Maybe idk.
Peeps from was kind enough to give me store credits in exchange for a review and of course I just had to get a coat! Mind you they gave me a generous amount, I could’ve gone for more than one item but nope, just one COAT.

Black Tweed Duffle Coat | YOINS.COM
Shipping time took a week, not bad, considering their warehouse is located in Hong Kong. And customer service is also top notch. Jason, who handled my transaction, is almost always online.. And I do appreciate that he reads my blog and would indicate interest in what I do, that’s a really nice touch (creepy but it works haha). Thanks Jason. So yeah, web shop itself I never really had any problems.

But let’s move on to my most anticipated coat! I chose this because of the thin lapel (or collar?) very minimalist look and of course, it’s black. Looking at the shop pictures I’m really impressed. As for the price, I cannot say the same.. But what the hell, I’ll get it almost for free!

When it arrived though it’s certainly not worth the price :/ I am disappointed with the fabric as it is not as thick as I was expecting and definitely not warm enough for winter (need to layer more if I am to use this)
Also why is it labelled as a Duffle Coat when obv not duffle LOL. The lone button is also poorly stitched and I have to proceed w/ care every time I have to take it off. Most importantly, it came wrinkled! OMG I cannot iron shit even if my life depended on it (actually I’m decent w/ ironing clothes most of the time, but coat material not so much!!). So, um, I don’t want to be harsh! I am still going to use this coat since it’s decent but I would totally not recommend it. For the price, I am 100% sure you can score better one elsewhere.

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