Monday, January 4, 2016

Video Selfie Game

I think it’s about time I recognise video selfie as a thing~! Somewhere inside there's this part of me that always wanted to be a Youtube vlogger but totally clueless what to talk about, am I just going to waste internet space if ever I decided to be one? But it's too much effort! I don't even have the equipment! So for now let me stick to taking selfies, but this time in video, it can be fun~ Thanks to Snapchat’s filters, its given birth to a whole new way of taking selfies :3

I have here enumerated some apps that I use:

Pioneer for video selfies because of its social features and super fun video animated stickers *u*
Too bad some are paid :/ (I’m rarely active here)

Snapchat copycat but with tons of free animated stickers!! It also has this skin beautifying effect that aids you to be more expressive without actually ruining your selfie game. It functions the same as Snapchat but I think ppl only download this for the filters then post to ig. I’d rather be more active here if I actually know ppl who uses it!

Personal favourite but what a buggy app!! It has fast forward and gif option. Allows you to save your videos on their server so you can download it in the future. I especially love this because of their horror/creepy stickers. It has skin beautifying effect too. But app performance wise, it’s soo lacking. Still worth the try though!

CHROMIC [APPLE] In-App Purchases
It’s like the VSCOcam for videos, I love this because it allows me to edit the video’s colour tones (brightness, contrast, temperature, saturation, etc.) and remain high quality resolution. This feature is paid but if you take selfies and into mobile videography, this is indispensable. Contains really good video filters as well.

From the developers of IG! Very straight forward app that basically shots a few frames of video then replays it back and forth to you infinitely.

I’ve bought this app long before selfie videos are a thing but mostly to experiment, but yeah, if you want to put awesome 3D objects to your picture or videos to make your stuff more visually pleasing then crack on.

First app that allows skin beautifying feature in video mode that I’m aware of. Their latest update released cute filters as well and adorable music to accompany the clips. The filters are too girly for me though and it reminds me of Meipai app.

Here are some examples from my IG
A video posted by やぽー y a p o (@yaptus) on
App/s Used: Matter
A video posted by やぽー y a p o (@yaptus) on
App/s Used: Boomerang
A video posted by やぽー y a p o (@yaptus) on
App/s used: Lollicam
A video posted by やぽー y a p o (@yaptus) on
App/s used: Snow & Chromic

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