Sunday, January 10, 2016

Wish Wish

Canvas Backpack | Demonia Shaker 52 | Mam Avantgarde Tights | Lumee Case | Nyuly Choker

Never really had the chance to splurge myself with any shopping last Christmas or Black Friday. I’m quite proud of myself but it’s not like I have a choice? I was (and still am) hella broke, with all the moving thing going on I fear that my wishlist may never see the light. But when you get stressed or bad days slowly accumulating and creeping up on you, sometimes all you need is a little window-online-shopping..
So what I have here is somewhat a very realistic wishlist for when things are all settled down. I not going to buy them in one go. Maybe one off every month? But my mind change so fast anyway, who knows if I can really stick to this..
But since it’s a mixture of need+want I do think it’s possible. Like for example, the bag, I need a proper bag for work and I’m not exactly the handbag type of person at the moment. I tend to over pack so I need something that has a lot of compartment and can be for daily use and over nights.
I’m pretty sure of getting Demonia Shaker as well as I didn’t buy any shoes the whole year! Yes! No new shoes! The latest one I bought was the Demonia Stomp 08 that I got last January 2015. GASP. I do now realise the financial state I’m in, to not be able to afford new shoes the whole fucking year?! (But to be fair, I can be so picky!). Still, for someone who considers herself stylish (lol) that’s a big deal.
Still unsure if I’m keen getting the flame tights and socks, they’ve been in my past wish lists but uhhhhh idk I’ve always had this impression shipping from Japan will always take ten years.. Like seasons has already changed and I’m still waiting… lmao.
This Lumee case though, I’m pretty sure it will take me a bit of time to buy it as I’m planning to get a phone upgrade. So this selfie case will have to wait.

Have you completed any wishlist you had in the past?

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