Tuesday, February 23, 2016


[SPONSORED] I feel so bad that I only got around making a post for these awesome clothes from Apparel K. I received this last January and is actually my first sponsored post for 2016! Also being sent this in winter gives me the perfect alibi to wear swimsuit this time of the year haha.

This is really so far from what I usually wear style-wise, however doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to feel good in this cute Ikari Shinji swimsuit (I’m really feeling it if you still cannot tell from the pictures haha). The only thing I don’t like so much about it is when putting it on and taking it off as the collar is quite tight. You really can’t help your hair being ruined or smudge your make up to the fabric. That aside, I wish I have more occasion to attend so I can wear this.

Apparel K has also sent me an Uzumaki Windbreaker and I think that’s very generous of them as I’m really not that active blogger nor I have the audience anymore ahaha. But yeah I’ll have that in a separate post so please stay tuned~

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