Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Settling In

So glad that we’re finally done moving in to the new flat. I have a much decent size room here and since the new place is unfurnished, we had to buy everything. Unfortunately I’m really running low on £££ now ahah. But I managed to get my room a small double bed and a desk. All my clothes are still stored inside black bin bags (we never bothered to box them properly) and luggage.. But at least that’s something. I’m getting more shelves next month then after only that I’ll start decorating my room.
Just to get a start on decorating, I got some mineral rocks, plants and soft huge rag.. I have yet to receive them on the mail though haha. Another thing that I really want to fix would be the bulb as it is too yellow and warm! I mean, the floor, door, and fixed wardrobe is already beige (wooden texture?) and it really just doesn’t suit my aesthetic =.=

Another good news would be that I was transferred to a different team at work. I used to answer phones 8hrs/day but I’m on emails now so it’s really a huge deal for me. As an introvert I really hate speaking directly to people as much as possible. I’m not even that good on phone (I stutter, my grammar, sheer panic, dealing with angry people, etc.,). I’m more relaxed now and when I get home, it’s much earlier as the new flat is only 30mins bus ride! So even if I’m on nightshift, I’m alright and not as dead..

I got one item off my wish list by the way! I’m still pondering if I should make a video review about it as it is not quite what I’m expecting. But we’ll see. After everything is completely settled. Hopefully before the cherry trees blossom :3

I’d like to thank you all for reading and sticking with this blog. It’s not what its used to be. Dull. Monotonous. Nothing new. But recently more personal and in my eyes more valuable ahahah. Don’t worry once everything’s done, I’d love to try new things again and start making content.

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