Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sweet Spring。✧♡

Distracting myself from real life struggles and priorities, I decided that window shopping is the way to go lol. I’ve been really struggling looking for clothes that I really really like and it’s been a while since a piece of garment within my reach and budget has made me sleepless and brought out the desperate shopper in me. And you know how it is with clothes, you can never really have enough until you finally found your a timeless pieces (which is highly subjective, any brand and line may claim their clothes are timeless but it doesn’t mean they really are lol).

Anyway, yeah I decided to ask myself, what do I really want to wear? Living in the city, I do have all the high street brands at my disposal but why am I not thrilled to do anymore ootds or outfit posts? What type of clothing will bring back my love for dressing up like I used to? So what do I do, head on to Instagram and check which users makes me happy to see their ootd’s and clothing pieces.

Ultimately, I’ve narrowed it down to @nyeong.e’s which made my life so easier as she actually has her own shop and models the clothes herself (and her boyfriend). The prices are not too bad as well when converted to £.

Here’s the selection of clothes that really caught my attention and would definitely wear (if the fit and look are faithful to pictures!).

These pieces reminds of Yohji, Comme Des Garcons, Casey Casey, Muku, Muji, to name a few.

Good thing about Nyeong-Closet is that they do ship worldwide. I’m still in the process of contacting them how as I’m having difficulty signing up to their website. I’ll give an update! If everything fails, might use for their services.

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