Monday, September 12, 2016

Detachable Sailor Collar

Very much in love with my recent purchase from The Naked Lace Co. It’s a detachable sailor collar that I had slightly modified from her original designs to fit daily wear ^-^

It was some months ago (or maybe a year ago, I cannot recall anymore) that I saw Warukatta’s ig post from her trip to Japan and she was wearing this cute sailor top. I dropped a comment asking where she got it from (wasn’t really expecting any response given how famous she is nau) but she actually replied back! She said it was a detachable sailor collar from WEGO. That’s amazing! One of my claim to fame experiences haha. Anyway let’s not get sidetracked XD

From then on I’ve been trying to find something similar but failed. I actually found The Naked Lace Co’s page already but I don’t think I was employed back then and messaged if I could instead promote her stuff on here and IG (whaahaha). I got no response so I was too embarrassed lmao!!
But now I have it and I’m so satisfied and happy ^____^ This detachable collar goes really well with lots of my wardrobe pieces! It goes well high neck or turtle necks, non-collared dresses and so much more~ On my next pay day I’m definitely getting a another one in white for my black pieces.

Only thing to consider is how to make them stay put. As they move quite a lot and you have to adjust them here and there but other than that I’m really happy I got this!

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