Saturday, September 10, 2016

New Chapter Begins

Hello, I think I’m happy and motivated enough to blog here again. I have some identity crisis going on that just makes me run and hide away from all the things I love to do. It’s just mainly LIFE happening or adulting on the most part.

I always pride myself being adaptable but I guess I’m not as resilient as I think I am. When things don’t go the way I want them to I frustrate, refuse to function, sulk, then blame people how miserable I’ve become. I’m still under this cycle but I acknowledge it now and becoming aware is always the first step to change for the better ahah.

In any case, let us not dwell on negativity! Tons of stuff happened while I was gone. I blogged on Medium for a bit! I really love the app. I can blog straight from my iPhone which is very on the go. However I ceased updating it because life just got more intense. Haha.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • ♡ I got two bearded dragons (bday present for myself)
  • ♡ Passed my six months probation at work! Yay £50 pay increase lmao
  • ♡ I got two frogs (Keroppi and Keroro); they died after almost a month with me :(
  • ♡ I got my nose pierced
  • ♡ I got my first tattoo!
  • ♡ I got two frogs again (Momo and Koppi) still alive as we speak!
  • ♡ Bleached my hair to blonde
  • ♡ Applied for an internal position at work and got accepted

So that’s basically it. Haha.

Style wise, I think I’m ready to move on from just wearing black and tone down to wear muted and earth tones. I just don’t have the dedication and time anymore. So instead of everything revolving around my style, my style now revolves on my daily life/routine- which is work and pets. I also think fall is the perfect time for the transition along with starting my new role in my job.

If my positive outlooks become consistent, I might post here again often so hopefully that will be the case.

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