Saturday, October 1, 2016


Saturday afternoon stroll around neighbourhood. The weather was a bit moody when I came out but later cleared up with appearance of sun! Found a tree stump by a street where wild flowers are growing around it and I thought wow it looks so cute lol. If I was a tiny tiny human I will take a lot of selfies on that stump XD

Came home to a little parcel from TheFloralFoxArt. I ordered notebook for no particular reason, just fell in love with the print. I feel like it's too pretty to write on anyway ahah.

Ever since buying my frogs' mushroom ornaments for their tank, I've been more and more into them lately. I thought I'd be a mushroom for halloween too but idk too much effort lmao. I love halloween but I can't be arsed to go all out for it. I'd rather wear a kigu and get it over with.

Speaking of halloween, Inktober has officially started. I might participate though again, not religiously. Can't be bothered. Not when I'm making such a big deal of waking up 6am on weekdays and chasing 8hrs sleep at night. Haha.

Anyways, thank you for reading my random ramblings.

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